World Map - Major Rail Network

The world map for Major Rail networks around the world showing different railway zones and major connecting cities.

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World Major Rail Network Map
Description : World map showing major rail network around the World. Disclaimer

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The various major railway networks of the world are shown in the map. The most dense networks are the ones in USA and Europe, which is natural for these developed regions of the world. At the same time, China, India and Russia also seem to have fairly extensive railway routes. Africa is yet to catch up on development, while Brazil has a very small railway network, which, given the rapid growth of economy, is expected to grow.

World Train Map

  • USA: The rail network in USA mostly comprises freight trains. However, in the Northwest Corridor, the passenger train networks dominate. Some of the most busiest areas are covered in this, such as Boston, New York, and Washington. But overall, the railway industry has had a hard time in the country, partly because of the recessions and partly because of competition from other modes of transport.

  • India: In India, the second-most populated country in the world, trains do most of the commuting work. Except for in the far North mountainous regions, railways tracks covers each and every part of the country. It is generally considered to be the fourth largest railway network in the world. A recent development is the introduction of Metro trains for intra-city travel.

  • China: Already the second-largest in the world, the rail network in China is set to grow even further. Currently at 91,000 km of length, the network is expecting to soon touch 110,000 km. Apart from the mainland, cross-border services are available to the special administrative zones.

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Last Updated Date: 12 October 2021