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What are the countries with a population over 100 million?

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World Map highlighting countries which have more than 100 million population

United Nations records the world population as on July 01,2015, at 7,324,782,225. As per the data, the following countries have a population of over 100 million:

Rank Country Population Continent
1     China  1,401,586,609 Asia
2     India 1,282,390,303  Asia
3     USA 325,127,634 North America
4     Indonesia 255,708,785 Asia
5     Brazil 203,657,210 South America
6     Pakistan  188,144,040 Asia
7     Nigeria 183,523,432 Africa
8     Bangladesh 160,411,249 Asia
9     Russian Federation 142,098,141 Europe
10 Japan 126,818,019 Asia
11  Mexico 125,235,587 South America
12  Philippines 100,096,496 Asia

Of 12 countries having a population of over 100 million, Seven countries are from Asia. South Asia alone accounts for 1,630,945,592 people. Both India and China are four times the population size of USA.
The list of countries recording the maximum increase over 2014 are:

Rank Country Population increase from 2014 Continent
1     India  14,988,454 Asia
2     China 7,802,773 Asia
3     Nigeria 5,006,528 Africa
4     Pakistan 3,011,114 Asia
5     Indonesia 2,896,540 Asia
6     USA 2,544,628 North America
7     Ethiopia 2,436,071 Africa
8     Bangladesh 1,898,679 Asia
9     Democratic Republic of Congo 1,886,237 Africa
10  Philippines 1,706,210 Asia
11  Brazil  1,623,540 South America
12  United Republic of Tanzania 1,533,337 Africa

India leads the list with the maximum increase in population over 2014. China, the most populous country in the world, growing at nearly half the rate of India. This shows India is going to overtake China as the most populous country in a few years. Seven of the 12 fastest growing countries belong to Asia, with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh continuing to ensure South Asia will remain as the most populous region in the world.

In the African continent, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Republic of Tanzania lead the fastest growing populations list. Ethiopia added nearly the same number of people as the United States.

According to United Nations, of the 233 countries recorded in 2015, 22 countries witnessed a decline in population during 2014. The Russian Federation recorded the maximum population decline of 369,510. Ukraine was next with 295,192, followed by Japan – 181,789, Germany – 90,252, Romania – 60,967.

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