US County Map

The US County Map shows all the counties of each state of the country. Click on any state and an enlarged version will open up showing the counties located in that particular state, their location and territorial extent.
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USA County Map

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A county is an administrative subdivision in the United States of America. The expression 'county' is applied in 48 out of the 50 U.S. states. USA County Map correctly show the location of the counties on the map of U.S.

About US County Map

The administration of the United States of America is divided into three levels. The first level comprises the states and the second the counties. The third level comprises villages, towns, and cities within these counties. Currently, there are 3,143 counties in the USA. San Bernardino County, California, is the largest county with an area of 20,057 square miles (51,950 sq km), while Kalawao County, Hawaii, is the smallest with an area of 12 square miles (31 sq km). States are divided into counties for administrative purposes.

Forty-eight out of the fifty states in the US use the term county. While Alaska uses the term boroughs, in the state of Louisiana they are called parishes. Presently, the United States has 3,007 counties and 137 county equivalents for a total of 3,144 counties and county equivalents.

Average Number of Counties in each state

The number of counties in each state averages to 62. Yet, Delaware has only three counties while Texas comprises 254 counties. The term “county seat” is used for the administrative center or the seat of the government. In the north-eastern part of the US, the term 'shire town’ is used to describe the same.

County Population and Sizes (smallest and largest)

As per the 2015 statistics, the Los Angeles County, California, is the most populous comprising a population of 10,170,292 people. Considering the mean population of the other states of the US, California holds eight times the average population of other states. The least populous counties are the Kalawao County of Hawaii with only 89 people and the Loving County in Texas that is home to 82 people. The mean population of the rest of the counties in the US is approximately 10,000.

In terms of size, the smallest county is the Kalawao County in Hawaii. It covers an area of 13 square miles. The biggest county is the San Bernardino County in California. It covers an area of 20,105 square miles.

Consolidated City-Counties in the country

A consolidated city-county is a city with a municipal corporation and a county at the same time. Due to the title, these areas exercise the powers and responsibilities of both categories of administration. An example of a consolidated city-county is Indianapolis, Indiana. Some of the Alaskan boroughs have merged with their principal cities, thus unifying the city-boroughs. This allows for better administration.

Interesting Facts

  • These counties are governed by a county commission, its board of administrators, the county council, the landowners of the county or county government. On certain occasions, they are also governed by the county executive.

  • The tiniest county is the Independent City of Falls Church, Virginia. A tiny county equivalent with an area of 2 sq. mi (5.2 sq km) only.

  • By the recent statistics, the Loudoun County, a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C., ranks as the highest-income county in the US.

  • Sumter County, west of Orlando, in Florida, houses the largest population of senior citizens. More than half (52.9%) of residents are 65 and older.

  • Washington, D.C., holds the prestigious place of being the most educated county, as it houses the largest of the nation’s employers, the federal government.

  • There are 40 consolidated city-counties in the US, including Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and San Francisco, California.

  • The city-boroughs of Alaska are cities that rank among the geographically largest cities in the world, yet their population densities are far below those of most urban places.

  • The other terms for the county seat are county courthouse, the parish seat (Louisiana), the “borough seat” (Alaska), “shire town” (New England).

  • Many counties are also divided into smaller political or governmental units. For example – the Northeastern and Midwestern states of the US. These counties are divided into civil townships also called “towns” (New England, New York, and Wisconsin). These units proffer governmental or public services to the people.


List showing states with number of Counties and Equivalents

State or District2013 PopulationLand Area (Sq Mi)Land Area (Sq Km)Number of CountiesNumber of Equivalents*Total Number#
District of Columbia646,44961158011
New Hampshire1,323,4598,95323,18710010
New Jersey8,899,3397,35419,04721021
New Mexico2,085,287121,298314,16133033
New York19,651,12747,126122,05762062
North Carolina9,848,06048,618125,9201000100
North Dakota723,39369,001178,71153053
Rhode Island1,051,5111,0342,678505
South Carolina4,774,83930,06177,85746046
South Dakota844,87775,811196,35066066
West Virginia1,854,30424,03862,25955055
Total 316,128,8393,531,9059,147,5923,0071363,143

*: County-Equivalent: A city or an area in a state with no county-level government
#: Total number of Counties and Equivalents in a state

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