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What country produces the most commercial vehicles?

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World map depicting manufacturers of Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles, that is, the bulky trucks that can be seen on the road, are imperative for the transportation industry. Playing a dominant role in small and big businesses around the world, these vehicles are an aid to economic growth. From the transport of light-packaged materials to heavy goods like fleet vehicles and cars, it’s commercial vehicles that keep the markets running.

The classification of these vehicles is done based on gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). It is a safety standard set to prevent the overloading of trucks and vans. Before its sale, the manufacturer needs to ensure the maximum acceptable weight of a truck. It is determined after considering the combined weight of components used in designing the vehicle, in accordance with frame, tires and suspension.

The size and weight of a truck can be lethal in case of an accident, because the average passenger vehicle can face a complete destruction in a collision. This could result in severe injuries, or death. The danger has prompted governments in different countries to set standards for the operation of these vehicles. For example, a person needs to have enough knowledge, a specialized license in commercial driving, and special training, before he or she attains to the responsibility of a driver.

The manufacture and sale of commercial vehicles is an ever-growing industry, and in 2017, its global production was more than 23 million. According to data by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), the United States of America is the world’s largest manufacturer. It produced 8,156,769 commercial vehicles in 2017. It is followed by China and Mexico, which produced 4,208,747 and 2,168,386 number of vehicles, respectively.

The table below gives an idea about the number of commercial vehicles produced in countries in the year 2017.

Country Commercial vehicles (2017)
United States of America 8,156,769
China 4,208,747
Mexico 2,168,386
Canada 1,450,331
Japan 1,345,910
Thailand 1,170,383
India 830,346
Spain 556,843
Turkey 552,825
France 479,000
Brazil 430,204
Italy 399,568
South Korea 379,514
South Africa 268,593
Argentina 268,458
Indonesia 234,259
Russia 203,264
Poland 175,029
Iran 96,846
United Kingdom 78,219
Taiwan 61,207
Portugal 49,118
Belgium 43,140
Malaysia 35,260
Morocco 34,484
Egypt 26,670
Austria 18,880
Australia 10,437
Czech Republic 6,112
Hungary 3,400
Netherlands 2,280
Ukraine 2,246
Serbia 552
Romania 10

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