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Earth Map (World GEO Map)

Earth Map
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  • Projection: Geographic (Plate Caree)
  • Map Style: Spectrum World
About Earth Map
This outstanding Earth Map, with central median 10° east of Greenwich shows world topography and bathymetry. Minutest detail's like Ayer's rock in Australia and tectonic plate boundaries on the ocean floor can also be seen in this highly detailed map. Land imagery is based on NASA's MODIS satellite instrumentation August 2004; bathymetry is based on RAMP II dataset, Version 2, 2001 and GEBCO, 2003. Observations of Antarctica made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's AVHRR sensor and MODIS data is used to create the polar sea ice.
Plaque Mounting - Explained
The giclee prints are also available plaque mounted. A 5 mil. non glare UV malt laminate is applied to the giclee print with heat and pressure in a heat press.

Last Updated : February 25, 2020