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Wherever in the world you may be, you're sure to need driving directions when you travel to a new destination.

Our easy-to-use Distance Calculators and Route Planners can help make your journey easier. For example, if you wish to drive from New York to Boston, simply click on the USA Route Planner. A box titled 'Calculate distance between US cities' will appear. Select the name of the city you wish to start from and the name of your destination to which you wish to travel by using the drop-down menus in the 'From' and 'To' fields. Once you've selected your origin and destination cities, click on 'Search' and you'll see a map with the shortest route marked on it, the distance measured in miles, and the total time required for the journey in days and hours. You'll also find detailed driving directions which break down the route into short stretches and give you directions, and the distance of each leg of the journey.

Our Distance Calculators include Route Planners for USA, UK,Canada, Spain, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Brazil and the London Olympics Venues. You will find detailed driving directions on how to travel from one city to another within any of the countries listed above.

Our Useful Driving Directions section features: road maps, rail network maps, metro rail maps, distance charts of USA cities, world air routes maps, airports maps, airlines information, world air distance locator, world sea ports map, world cruise destinations, USA highway routes, and US interstate highways maps. These maps provide detailed and accurate information of use to travelers worldwide. If you wish to drive across Montenegro or Myanmar, you'll find their road network maps in the road maps section. If you're in Austria or Vietnam and wish to travel by train, you can find maps of their rail networks in our rail network maps section. If you're in Tashket or Teheran and need to find your way around the city using the metro, you'll find their metro maps on our metro rail maps section. Find out about the best cruises in the world with our world cruises map and find detailed maps of US interstate routes in our US interstate highways route maps section. And you can find the distances between cities worldwide from Amsterdam to Tokyo with our world air distance locator. With the help of our travel utilities and detailed driving directions, you're sure to find your way to your destination.