Current Events 2019

Heatwave in France

As per recent new updates, this year France has broken all its temperature records for the month of June.…

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Earthquake near Indonesia's Banda Sea

As per recent news updates, an earthquake of around 7.3 magnitude was felt near Indonesia's Tanimbar islands of Banda…

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"Historic" Rerun of Mayoral Election in Istanbul to Decide Future of Turkey President Erdogan

Istanbul residents are going to cast their votes yet again in the Istanbul mayoral election that was annulled once Turkey's…

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US carries out Cyber Attack on Iranian Weapon System, Imposes "Major Additional Sanctions" on Iran

Reports say the United States has carried out a cyber-attack on Iranian computer systems that were controlling rocket and missile…

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North Korea's Kim Receives a "Personal Letter" with "Excellent Content" from the US President

KCNA, North Korean state news agency, has said that the North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has received a…

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Trump Clarifies Aborting Planned Strike on Iran, Threatens to Obliterate Iran if Conflict Breaks Out

The US President Donald Trump has said during an interview that he doesn’t want war with Iran. However, he also…

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China's Xi Jinping and North Korea's Kim Jong Un Reaches Consensus on Important Issues

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly reached a consensus on certain important issues with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong…

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Florida City to Pay Ransom to Hackers

As per recent news updates, leaders of Florida and Riviera Beach paid ransom of $600,000 to hackers. Moreover, news…

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Xi Jinping to Visit North Korea

As per recent news updates, President of China, Xi Jinping is heading towards North Korea to attend…

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