Current Events 2019

US President Trump's Legal Team says Impeachment Charges are "Brazen and Unlawful"

The legal team of the US President Donald Trump has issued the first formal (6-page) response to the impeachment…

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Boris Johnson Preparing Post-Brexit Immigration Plan, To Impose New Restrictions on Low-Skilled Migrants

A leading daily has reportedly said that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing a post-Brexit plan for restricting low-skilled…

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UN Envoy to Libya asks Foreign Powers to Stop Interference in Libyan Civil War

The UN’s envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salamé, has called upon the foreign powers to stop interfering in the civil…

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Canadian PM Announces C$25,000 as Initial Financial Assistance for the Families of the Iran Plane Crash Victims

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told media at a news conference in Ottawa on Friday that the government will…

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Bernie Sanders Leading the US Presidential Primary in Latest National Poll

Vermont Senator and 2020 US Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ steady climb towards winning the Democratic Primaries continues. Reuters/Ipsos…

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4 New Cases of Pneumonia Caused by the Mysterious Virus Reported in China, Scientists say 1,723 Persons Affected Till Now

The Chinese health authorities have said that they have discovered 4 new cases of pneumonia, caused by a mystery SARS-like…

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Downpour Brings Respite to Australian Bushfire

Incessant downpour near the bushfire has brought a sigh of relief to the suffering people as well as…

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Reports of Racism and Sexual Assault from Deutsche Welle: The German Public Broadcaster

A staff member of Deutsche Welle came out publically to say the on going racism, sexual harassment, antisemitism…

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Australia: Officials Dropping Food from Chopper for Animals Suffering in Bushfire

Officials of Australia are dropping thousands of kilograms of food such as carrots and sweet potatoes to feed…

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