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What are the Top 10 English Speaking Countries?

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Top 10 English Speaking Countries in the World
Map of the World depicting the top 10 English-speaking countries

Most English Speaking Countries

The evolution of the English language dates back to the 5th and 7th century AD when Anglo-Saxon settlers brought it to Britain. Today, English has a prestigious status across the world. However, in the past, it was considered a bourgeoisie language or the language of the middle class. Check out our Languages of the World section to learn more about languages.

At present, English is the third most spoken language after Chinese and Spanish, at first and second rank, respectively. English speakers are found across seven continents. Being an English speaker facilitates better opportunities for learning and earning because of its wide acceptance. Today, even non-English speaking nations are adopting the language to meet the global standard for communicating and overcoming the language barrier.

Largest English Speaking Countries:

Rank Country Number of English speakers Percentage of English speakers
1 United States 283,160,411 95.46
2 India 125,344,737 12.18
3 Pakistan 108,036,049 57
4 Nigeria 79,000,000 53.34
5 Philippines 64,025,890 63.73
6 United Kingdom 59,600,000 97.74
7 Germany 45,400,000 56
8 Bangladesh 30,108,031 18
9 Canada 29,748,265 80.10
10 Egypt 28,101,325 35

Note: Data collected from various sources.

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