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What are the cities with the highest crime rates?

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cities with the highest crime rates


“To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace” ― Malcolm X

While we would all like to believe the American human rights activist point that to remain a criminal is disgraceful. But the persistent presence of violence and crime in our cities is a fact that continues to plague many countries.

The anti-violence organization from Mexico called Seguridad, Justicia, Y Paz (Security, Justice, and Peace) has compiled a list of the most violent cities in the world. While crimes may be categorized into many categories, for the purpose of this study the organization picked the homicide rate as a reflection of the crime scenario in major cities around the world. Here’s a list of the most violent cities or the cities with the highest homicide rate (per 100,000 residents) in the world.

Rank City Country Homicide Rate (Per 100,000 Residents)
1 Los Cabos Mexico 111.33
2 Caracas Venezuela 111.19
3 Acapulco Mexico 106.63
4 Natal Brazil 102.56
5 Tijuana Mexico 100.77
6 La Paz Mexico 84.79
7 Fortaleza Brazil 83.48
8 Ciudad Victoria Mexico 83.32
9 Ciudad Guyana Venezuela 80.28
10 Belem Brazil 71.38
11 Vitoria da Conquista Brazil 70.26
12 Culiacan Mexico 70.1
13 St. Louis United States of America 65.83
14 Maceio Brazil 63.94
15 Cape Town South Africa 62.25
16 Kingston Jamaica 59.71
17 San Salvador El Salvador 59.06
18 Aracaju Brazil 58.88
19 Feira de Santana Brazil 58.81
20 Ciudad Juraz Mexico 56.16
21 Baltimore United States of America 55.48
22 Recife Brazil 54.96
23 Maturin Venezuela 54.43
24 Guatemala City Guatemala 53.49
25 Salvador Brazil 51.58
26 San Pedro Sula Honduras 51.18
27 Valencia Venezuela 49.74
28 Cali Colombia 49.59
29 Chihuahua Mexico 49.48
30 Joao Pessoa Brazil 49.17
31 Obregon Mexico 48.96
32 San Juan Puerto Rico 48.7
33 Barquisimeto Venezuela 48.23
34 Manaus Brazil 48.07
35 Distrito Central Honduras 48
36 Tepic Mexico 47.09
37 Palmira Colombia 46.65
38 Reynosa Mexico 41.95
39 Porto Alegre Brazil 40.96
40 Macapa Brazil 40.24
41 New Orleans United States of America 40.1
42 Detroit United States of America 39.69
43 Mazatlan Mexico 39.32
44 Durban South Africa 38.12
45 Campos dos Goytacazes Brazil 37.53
46 Nelson Mandela Bay South Africa 37.53
47 Campina Grande Brazil 37.29
48 Teresina Brazil 37.05
49 Vitoria Brazil 36.07
50 Cucuta Colombia 34.78

Brazil is the country that features the most cities on the list, with 17 out of 50. Next in line is Mexico with 12 cities, followed by Venezuela. It remains a major cause for concern that an overwhelming majority of the cities on the list are in Latin American. The high homicide rates in these Latin American cities has been attributed to the presence of drug cartels and mob violence. Corruption, growing inequality, and political unrest have also been widely accepted causes for such violence. The beautiful city of Los Cabos which is known for attracting many tourists is at the very top in this list. While local authorities claim that tourists have not been the target of these homicides, the fact remains that tourism has been greatly affected by the string of violent crimes in the city.

The four American cities that feature on this list are St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Detroit. The three cities from South Africa that feature on the list of cities with the highest homicide rates include Cape Town, Durban, and Nelson Mandela Bay. Studies show that the high rate of crime and homicide in the country is a direct result of widespread unemployment and continued racism.

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