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How many people are internally displaced due to conflict and violence?

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Infographic highlighting the issue of Internal Displacement in countries

By the end of year 2017, an estimated 40 million people were living in internal displacements due to conflicts and violence. Unlike refugees, the internally displaced people are on the run within their own country, which is a traumatic experience and leads to panic and uncertainty.

According to a new report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, 76% of the people who have been displaced are concentrated in ten countries, which have already been facing the tragic circumstances since years.

The Global Report on Internal Displacement suggests that among the ten worst affected nations, Syria topped the list, as over 6.7 million people were forced to flee their homes, owing to the civil war and air strikes that severed the lives of citizens. It has been one of the most affected country in terms of displacement since the year 2011. The reports from IDMC also suggest that more than half of the country’s population that existed before the war, had to fled from their own homes since the outbreak. It is unfortunate how a government crackdown on peaceful protests turned into a full-scale civil war.

Colombia stands at second position, with 6.5 million people being internally displaced. The country faced immense conflict and violence for around five decades. It was in 2016 that a peace argument was signed between government and the biggest armed group of Colombia, that is, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), hence ending the conflict. However, many other illegal armed groups are persistent and have been violating the human rights.

Conflicts had aggravated in 2017 in Democratic Republic of Congo, and chronic political instability along with armed conflict have deeply impacted the peace of the country. People are highly vulnerable, which is why a Level 3 emergency for the DRC was activated by UN in October 2017. However, humanitarian appeal in the country continues and over 4 million people have been internally displaced.

Iraq, and Sudan were the next most affected countries in 2017. These three nations witnessed 2.6 and 2.0 million people respectively, being affected by violent crisis.

The table below provides information on the new internal displacement in each nation.

Country No. of people internally displaced
Syria 6,784,000
Colombia 6,509,000
Democratic Republic of the Congo 4,480,000
Iraq 2,648,000
Sudan 2,072,000
Yemen 2,014,000
South Sudan 1,899,000
Nigeria 1,707,000
Afghanistan 1,286,000
Turkey 1,113,000
Ethiopia 1,078,000
Somalia 825,000
India 806,000
Ukraine 800,000
Central African Republic 689,000
Myanmar 635,000
Philippines 445,000
Bangladesh 432,000
Azerbaijan 393,000
Mexico 345,000
Georgia 289,000
Pakistan 249,000
Guatemala 242,000
Cameroon 239,000
Palestine 231,000
Cyprus 217,000
Libya 197,000
Honduras 190,000
Kenya 159,000
Chad 158,000
Niger 144,000
Republic of the Congo 108,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina 99,000
Egypt 82,000
Peru 59,000
Burundi 57,000
Sri Lanka 42,000
Thailand 41,000
Mali 38,000
Abyei Area 31,000
Uganda 24,000
Senegal 22,000


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