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Maps for everyone.
Maps are everywhere on MapsofWorld.com: for students, travelers, researchers, instructors, the layman . . . just about everyone. We have physical maps ,political maps, blank maps, outline maps, thematic maps - a staggering collection you can go on and on browsing. At the same time, we have dedicated channels for finance, travel, and other areas of knowledge and fun.

Ever since its inception in 2003, MapsofWorld.com had a single aim in mind: to make high-quality maps for everyone. What started as a handful of web pages and maps has now grown into one of the biggest websites people love to come back to.

Come on in, the maps are waiting!
Products and Services
We run a map store where we sell wall maps and other products by National Geographic (drop by for some amazing discounts!). We develop educational and fun apps for the iPad and mobile platforms. We provide mapping solutions and services to businesses, helping them solve real-world problems.
We are affiliated with National Geographic and International Map Trade Association and Google.

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MapsofWorld.com at Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

For its sixth year at the Frankfurt Book Fair, MapsofWorld.com showcased mobile apps and content digitization services for map publishers, in addition to custom mapping for businesses, an online map store, and multilingual portal. The event was held from 12th - 16th October at Frankfurt, Germany.

Read more about this event on our
Check out our video from the event

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