History and Geography FAQs and Answers

FAQs and Answers on History and Geography

World map highlighting Japan towards the extreme East

Why Japan is known as Land of Rising Sun?

Located on the east coast of Asia, Japan is an archipelago consisting of many islands.  It was China that first viewed Japan as the land from where the Sun rose, because Japan was located directly east of the Chinese coastline.  This created an illusion that the rising sun came fromRead More

Europe Map highlighting countries that follow Eurail pass

What is the Eurail Pass?

First introduced in 1959, the Eurail Pass is your all-in-one ticket to access extensive rail networks, and some ferries, across 28 European countries. ItRead More

Map of Honduras in Central America

Is Honduras a country?

Honduras is indeed a country in Central America. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala & Nicaragua and includes the Gulf of FonsecaRead More