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Coffee Exporting Countries – 2024

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Top 10 Coffee Exporting Countries - 2024
Map showing top coffee exporting countries.

Coffee is grown in the Tropics, also known as the Tropical Zone or the Torrid Zone. The Tropics are warm all year round. Many people choose coffee to start their mornings, during chats with friends, or while working in offices. In this article, we will explore countries that produce coffee, how much they earn from it, and more.

Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries

Below are the top 10 leading coffee producers in the world:

  1. Brazil

    Brazil, in South America, is the largest coffee producer worldwide, known for its high-quality Arabica beans. It produces over 2.6 million metric tons annually and exports about 43.2 million bags with 60 kg each. Brazil’s perfect climate offers the right amount of rainfall and sunlight, low elevation, and fertile soil to make it perfect for growing Arabica beans, which have a smooth and sweet flavor.

  2. Vietnam

    Vietnam is the second-biggest coffee producer after Brazil and has seen a big rise in production lately. It became the second-largest producer when private companies started getting into the coffee business. Vietnam is famous for its robusta beans. Every year, Vietnam makes about 1.6 million metric tons of coffee, and much of it gets sent abroad. Vietnamese coffee is often used in espresso mixes because it has a strong, bitter flavor. About 16.2 million bags of coffee are exported. Robusta beans are the main kind grown in Vietnam.

  3. Colombia

    Colombian coffee is well-known around the world for being good. They grow top-notch Arabica beans in the Andes mountains. Every year, Colombia makes more than 754,000 metric tons of coffee. About 13 million bags were exported to different countries. People who like Colombian coffee appreciate its taste because it’s balanced and often has a bit of chocolate and fruit flavor.

  4. Indonesia

    Indonesia, found in Asia, makes a lot of Arabica and robusta coffee beans. Places like Sumatra and Java are famous for their unique coffee, which people like because it tastes earthy and spicy. Every year, Indonesia produces over 668,000 metric tons of coffee and sends out about 8 million bags to other countries. Java was the first Indonesian island where coffee started to grow.

  5. Honduras

    Countries in the Americas are well-known for their top-quality Arabica beans, and Honduras is one of those countries. It’s become important in the world of coffee. Many small-scale farmers here rely on coffee farming for their income. Honduras produces more than 475,000 metric tons of coffee each year, and a good amount of it, about 4 million bags, is sent abroad. People enjoy Honduran coffee because it has a smooth, balanced flavor. Most of the coffee is grown on small farms in mountainous areas called “Fincas”.These Fincas have their special climate, which gives the coffee beans unique flavors and smells.

  6. Ethiopia

    Ethiopia grows different kinds of coffee beans, like the well-known Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Sidamo types. Every year, Ethiopia makes more than 471,000 metric tons of coffee, mostly the special Harrar kind. People like it because it tastes earthy and fruity. Ethiopia sends about 6.6 million bags of coffee to other countries each year. The best coffee stays in Ethiopia for local people to enjoy, but the coffee they export is also good quality.

  7. Peru

    Peru grows Arabica coffee beans, known for their fresh and crisp flavor. They grow coffee in more than 10 specific areas throughout the country, in the north, central regions, and south. Peru makes over 346,000 metric tons of coffee annually and exports about 3.5 million bags.

  8. India

    Annually, India produces more than 312,000 metric tons of coffee beans. Most of the coffee grown in India is Robusta, and it finds extensive use in instant coffee mixes. India exports about 1.1 million bags of coffee to other countries each year. Indian coffee is famous for its strong, earthy taste and has special types like Monsooned Malabar and Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold.

  9. Guatemala

    Every year, Guatemala produces over 254,000 metric tons of coffee, and about 3.2 million bags for selling to other countries. Guatemalan coffee is famous for its tangy taste, delicious sweetness, and hints of chocolate flavor. The main types of coffee grown in Guatemala are Caturra, Red and Yellow Catuai, and Red and Yellow Bourbon.

  10. Uganda

    Every year, Uganda produces over 209,000 metric tons of coffee, primarily consisting of robusta beans, which it exports in approximately 4 million bags. People favor Ugandan coffee for its strong and rich taste, ideal for making espresso. Although predominantly robusta, Uganda also cultivates some varieties of Arabica coffee. The country is home to exceptionally rare and naturally growing coffee trees.

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