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These days the online gaming trend is enlarging its domain and gaining significance at a faster pace; especially, when the online games are getting interspersed with the educational terrain. It means refashioning the whole idea of gaming not only to suit the taste of the gamers, but also helping in their intellectual makeup. Therefore, via Map Games page offers such fascinating games as Ikaaw Land, Save Earth, Know Your World, Jigsaw Map Puzzle, World Quiz, etc., so that one can illuminate oneself and test one's knowledge on geography related questions, can get to know the world surrounding us, can brush one's skills and get awareness on various country maps, flags, and others. Besides enlightening, the games, quiz , and puzzles are customized in a manner as not to miss out on the quintesential aspect, which is to entertain the gamer in amusing ways.

Therefore, in other words, it can be said that these are the games that will lull the gamer once one displays an active participation. So without dallying latch onto the riveting games and dig deep your brain with Map Games. Also, invite and challenge others to play, cultivate delight, joy, and meaning in life.

Prove yourself a pro at world geography with these simple, but scalp-scratching questions on world and if one gets his/her hands on maps, then nothing better than that! Take your pick...



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Map 'O' Puzzle   Save Earth   Know Your World
Map 'O' Puzzle   Save Earth   Know Your World
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World Map Game   Jigsaw Puzzle Game   World Quiz
World Map Game   Jigsaw Puzzle Game   World Quiz
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