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What Countries are the Top Ten Largest Importers of Beauty Products?

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World Map depicting largest importers of beauty products

The beauty products industry is one of the leading industries in the world and significantly contributes to the revenues of some nations. Changing lifestyles and increasing incomes of consumers have strengthened the beauty products industry. Some of the commodities that comprise beauty products are lipstick, eye make-up preparations, manicure and pedicure preparations, make-up or skin care powders, and others. Beauty products are big business with export and import of these products valuing billions of dollars.

According to the Trade Map, in 2017, the United States was the largest importer of beauty products which includes essential oils, perfumery, and other cosmetics. The data states that the US imported more than 13 billion US dollars of beauty products.

Germany, the most populous country in the European Union, is the second largest importer of beauty products and has imported more than 8 billion US dollars’ worth of products.

China is another nation where beauty products are very popular, and it is the third largest importer of beauty products. China witnessed an import of more than 7 billion US dollar, last year.

Four more European nations are amid the top ten importers, which suggests that the beauty products are used quite extensively on the continent. These nations are France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Spain.

A bustling metropolis and global financial center, Singapore is ranked at the 8th position for importing beauty products.

However, there are many countries or regions which saw less than $100 million worth of beauty products imports in 2017, according to the data of Trade Map. Some of these regions that comprised this category were Western Sahara, American Samoa, Norfolk Islands, Nauru, and Tuvalu.

The table below provides names of the ten largest Importers of beauty products in 2017, along with information on the value of beauty products imported.

Rank Importers Value imported in 2017 (USD thousand)
1 United States of America 13,569,643
2 Germany 8,092,190
3 China 7,633,644
4 The United Kingdom 6,572,104
5 France 5,857,690
6 Hong Kong, China 5,300,091
7 Netherlands 3,868,377
8 Singapore 3,655,941
9 Canada 3,644,973
10 Spain 3,604,788


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