Major Earthquakes in the World

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Major Earthquakes of the World Earthquake in Colombia Ecuador Earthquake in El Salvador Earthquake in Mexico Earthquake in Haiti Earthquake in Italy Earthquake in Algeria Earthquake in Russia Earthquake in Turkey Earthquake in Armenia Earthquake in Iran Earthquake in Afghanistan Earthquake in India Earthquake in Nepal Earthquake in China Earthquake in Japan Earthquake in Philippines Earthquake in Indonesia Earthquake in Papua New Guinea Earthquake in Russia Earthquake in USA Earthquake in Canada Earthquake in Peru Earthquake in Chile Earthquake in Argentina Earthquake in New Zealand
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Major Earthquakes around the world
Date LocationCoordinatesDeathsMagnitude
04/25/2015East South East of Lamjung, Nepal28.147, 84.708 62047.8
03/11/2011Japan38.297, 142.373208969
04/13/2010Southern Qinghai, China33.165, 96.54822006.9
01/12/2010Haiti region18.443, -72.5713160007
09/30/2009Southern Sumatra, Indonesia-0.720, 99.86711177.5
05/12/2008Eastern Sichuan, China31.002, 103.322875877.9
05/26/2006Indonesia-7.961, 110.44657496.3
10/08/2005Pakistan34.53N, 73.58E860007.6
03/28/2005Northern Sumatra, Indonesia2.07N, 97.01E13138.6
12/26/2004Sumatra3.30N, 95.87E2278989.1
12/26/2003Southeastern Iran28.99N, 58.31E310006.6
05/21/2003Northern Algeria36.90N, 3.71E22666.8
03/25/2002Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan35.9N, 69.2E10006.1
01/26/2001Gujarat, India23.3N, 70.3E200857.6
09/20/1999Taiwan23.7N, 121.0E24007.6
08/17/1999Turkey40.7N, 30.0E171187.6
01/25/1999Colombia4.46N, 75.82W11856.1
07/17/1998Papua New Guinea2.96S, 141.9E21837
05/30/1998Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border Region37.1N, 70.1E40006.6
02/04/1998Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan37.1N, 70.1E23235.9
05/10/1997Northern Iran33.9N, 59.7E15677.3
05/27/1995Sakhalin Island52.6N, 142.8E19897.5
01/16/1995Kobe, Japan34.6N, 135E55026.9
09/29/1993Latur-Killari, India18.1N, 76.5E97486.2
12/12/1992Flores Region, Indonesia8.5S, 121.9E25007.5
10/19/1991Northern India30.8N, 78.8E20007
07/16/1990Luzon, Philippine Islands15.7N, 121.2E16217.7
06/20/1990Western Iran37.0N, 49.4E500007.4
12/07/1988Spitak, Armenia41.0N, 44.2E250006.8
08/20/1988Nepal-India border region26.8N, 86.6E10006.8
03/06/1987Colombia-Ecuador0.2N, 77.8W10007
10/10/1986El Salvador13.8N, 89.2W10005.5
09/19/1985Mexico, Michoacan18.2N, 102.5W95008
10/30/1983Turkey40.3N, 42.2E13426.9
12/13/1982Yemen14.7N, 44.4E28006
07/28/1981southern Iran30.0N, 57.8E15007.3
06/11/1981southern Iran29.9N, 57.7E30006.9
11/23/1980southern Italy40.9N, 15.3E27356.5
10/10/1980El Asnam, Algeria (formerly Orleansville)36.1N, 1.4E50007.7
09/16/1978Iran33.2N, 57.4E150007.8
03/04/1977Romania45.8N, 26.8E15007.2
11/24/1976Turkey-Iran border region39.1N, 44.0E50007.3
08/16/1976Mindanao, Philippines6.3N, 124.0E80007.9
07/27/1976Tangshan, China39.6N, 118.0E2427697.5
05/06/1976northeastern Italy46.4N, 13.3E10006.5
02/04/1976Guatemala15.3N, 89.1W230007.5
09/06/1975Turkey38.5N, 40.7E23006.7
02/04/1975Haicheng, China40.6N, 122.5E20007
12/28/1974Pakistan35.0N, 72.8E53006.2
05/10/1974China28.2N, 104.0E200006.8
12/23/1972Nicaragua, Managua12.4N, 86.1W50006.2
04/10/1972southern Iran28.4N, 52.8E50547.1
05/22/1971Turkey38.83N, 40.52E10006.9
05/31/1970Chimbote, Peru9.36S, 78.87W700007.9
03/28/1970Gediz, Turkey39.06N, 29.54E10866.9
01/04/1970Tonghai, Yunnan Province, China24.12N, 102.49E100007.5
07/25/1969Yangjiang, Guangdong, China21.61N, 111.83E30005.9
08/31/1968Dasht-e Bayaz, Iran33.9N, 59.02E120007.3
08/19/1966Varto, Turkey39.1N, 41.48E25296.8
03/22/1966Southeast of Ningjin, Hebei (Hopeh), China37.5 115.110006.9
03/07/1966East of Longyao, Hebei (Hopeh), China37.35 114.9210007
07/26/1963Skopje, Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia (Makedonija, Yugoslavia)42.1N, 21.4E11006
09/01/1962Bu'in Zahra, Qazvin, Iran35.6N, 49.9E122257.1
05/22/1960Temuco-Valdivia, Chile38.29S, 73.05W16559.5
02/29/1960Agadir, Morocco30.45N, 9.62W150005.7
12/13/1957Sahneh, Iran34.35N, 47.67E11307.1
07/02/1957Near Sang Chai, Mazandaran, Iran36.14N, 52.70E12007.1
09/09/1954Chlef (Orleansville, El Asnam), Algeria36.28N, 1.47E12506.8
03/18/1953Yenice-Gonen, Turkey40.01N, 27.49E10707.3
08/02/1951Cosiguina, Nicaragua13.0N, 87.5W10005.8
08/15/1950Near Zhamo (Rima), Xizang (Tibet), China "Assam-Tibet" Earthquake28.7N, 96.6E15268.6
08/05/1949Ambato, Ecuador1.5S, 78.25W50506.8
07/10/1949Khait, Tajikistan (Tadzhikistan, USSR)39.2N, 70.8E120007.5
10/05/1948Ashgabat (Ashkhabad), Turkmenistan (Turkmeniya, USSR)37.95N, 58.32E1100007.3
06/28/1948Fukui, Japan36.1N, 136.2E37697.3
12/20/1946Nankaido, Japan33.0N, 135.6E13628.1
11/10/1946Ancash, Peru8.5S, 77.5W14007.3
05/31/1946Ustukran, Turkey39.33N, 41.10E13005.9
11/27/1945Makran Coast, Pakistan (Baluchistan, India)24.9N, 63.5E40008
01/12/1945Mikawa, Japan34.7N, 137.0E19617.1
02/01/1944Gerede, Turkey41.11N, 33.22E27907.4
01/15/1944San Juan, Argentina31.5S, 68.6W80007.4
11/26/1943Ladik, Turkey40.97N, 33.22E40007.6
09/10/1943Tottori, Japan35.5N, 134.2E11907.4
12/20/1942Erbaa, Turkey40.9N, 36.5E11007.3
11/10/1940Vrancea, Romania (Rumania)45.8N, 26.7E10007.3
12/26/1939Erzincan, Turkey39.8N, 39.38E327007.8
01/25/1939Chillan, Chile36.25S, 72.25W280007.8
07/16/1935Hsin-chu (Shinchiku), Taiwan (Formosa)24.6N, 120.8E27406.5
05/30/1935Quetta, Pakistan (Baluchistan, India)29.6N, 66.5E300007.6
04/20/1935Miao-li, Taiwan (Formosa)24.3N, 120.8E32707.1
01/15/1934Bihar, India-Nepal26.5N, 86.5E107008.1
08/25/1933North of Maowen, Sichuan (Szechwan), China32.0N, 103.7E93007.5
03/02/1933Sanriku, Japan39.25N, 144.5E30008.4
08/10/1931Near Fuyun (Koktokay), Xinjiang (Sinkiang), China46.8N, 89.9E100008
04/27/1931Zangezur Mountains, Armenia-Azerbaijan border (Armeniya-Azerbaydzhan, USSR)39.2N, 46.0E28005.7
03/31/1931Managua, Nicaragua12.15N, 86.28W25006
07/23/1930Irpinia, Italy41.05N, 15.37E14046.5
05/06/1930Salmas, Iran (Persia)38.15N, 44.70E25007.2
05/01/1929Koppeh Dagh, Iran (Persia)37.85N, 57.75E38007.2
05/22/1927Gulang, Gansu (Kansu), China37.5N, 102.7E409007.6
03/07/1927Tango, Japan35.8N, 134.8E30207.6
03/16/1925Near Dali (Talifu, Ta-li), Yunnan, China25.7N, 100.2E58007
09/01/1923Kanto (Kwanto), Japan35.3N, 139.5E1428007.9
05/25/1923Torbat-e Heydariyeh, Iran (Persia)35.2N, 59.2E22005.7
03/24/1923Near Luhuo, Sichuan (Szechwan), China31.3N, 100.8E35007.3
12/16/1920Haiyuan, Ningxia (Ning-hsia), China36.5N, 105.7E2000007.8
02/13/1918Nan'ao, Guangdong (Kwangtung), China23.5N, 117.2E10007.4
07/30/1917North of Daguan, Yunnan, China28.0N, 104.0E18007.5
01/20/1917Bali, Indonesia9.0S, 115.8E1500
01/13/1915Avezzano, Italy41.98N, 13.65E326107
10/03/1914Burdur, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)37.82N, 30.27E40007
08/09/1912Murefte, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)40.75N, 27.20E28007.4
01/23/1909Silakhor, Iran (Persia)33.4N, 49.1E60007.3
12/28/1908Messina, Italy38.15N, 15.68E720007.2
10/21/1907Qaratog (Karatag), Tajikistan (Turkestan, Russia)38.5N, 67.9E120008
01/14/1907Kingston, Jamaica18.2N, 76.7W10006.5
08/17/1906Valparaiso, Chile33S, 72W38828.2
04/18/1906San Francisco, California37.75N, 122.55W30007.8
03/16/1906Chia-i, Taiwan23.6N, 120.5E12506.8
01/31/1906Off coast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador1N, 81.5W10008.8
04/04/1905Kangra, India33.0N, 76.0E190007.5
05/28/1903Gole, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)40.9N, 42.7E10005.8
04/28/1903Malazgirt, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)39.1N, 42.6E35007
12/16/1902Andijon (Andizhan), Uzbekistan (Turkestan, Russia)40.8N, 72.3E47006.4
04/19/1902Quezaltenango and San Marcos, Guatemala14N, 91W20007.5

What Causes Earthquakes
Earthquakes occur when the rocks (or plates) lying under earth's surface push against each other and break. This can happen with the rocks lying under the landmass, or those under the seawater. This causes earthquakes,
during which the rocks move against each other until they settle again. This process releases tremendous amounts of energy that causes the ground to shake violently. Any destruction that follows is a direct result of this.

Some important terms related to an earthquake:
  • Plates:The underground rocks of earth's surface.
  • Fault:Discontinuity along the rock's edge that causes damage to the plates.
  • Focus:The point where the rock fault occurs.
  • Epicenter:The point on the earth's surface directly above the focus.
  • Magnitude:The measure of earthquake energy (expressed in terms of the Richter scale). A unit increase in magnitude corresponds to a ten-fold increase in the earthquake's destructive power.

What can be done to safeguard against earthquakes?
Since earthquakes are natural phenomenon, these can't be avoided, let alone predicted. Certain parts of the world are earthquake-prone (like Japan), and hence the infrastructure there is usually designed to be quake-resistant. This, however, is no defense against the severe natural calamities.

How does the Richter scale work?
In order to compare the various earthquakes occurring in the world, a measuring unit has been devised based on the Richter scale. In simple terms each occurring earthquake is measured by an instrument known as a seismograph, and the resulting spread of the earthquake waves is assigned a value based on its peak height on the graph. The scale grows by a factor of 10. That is, an earthquake measured 8.0 on the Richter scale is 10 times as powerful as a 7.0 earthquake; 100 times more than a 6.0 one; 1000 times more than a 5.0 one; and so on.

Why is it called "Richter" scale?
It is called Richter scale because it was developed by Charles Richter in 1935 at the California Institute of Technology. The scale was found convenient to use, and was therefore adopted universally.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis
Earthquakes and tsunamis have caused much damage to human life and property in history.

In March 2011, a major 8.9-magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan, followed by a tsunami, which together have resulted in the worst catastrophe in over 100 years. To know how earthquakes can cause so much damage, it is important to understand their origin.

When earthquakes occur in the ocean-beds, the released energy comes out through the water. This causes waves to be created on the water's surface, which move farther and farther away from the epicenter as they carry energy to the shores. Naturally, the more the magnitude of the earthquake, the higher the wave height will be. When these waves reach the land, they can cause destruction on any scale.

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