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Are you keen about keeping yourself up-to-date on which country is the richest or which country has the highest crime rate? Here are several page links that provide updated information about various countries. It lists out top 10 countries taking into consideration various parameters. Now, gather knowledge with just a click of the mouse.
The Top Ten in the World section elaborates on the top ten largest countries, top ten oil producing countries, ten countries with longest railway network, top ten world religions, top ten sports in the world and many more categories.

The world Top Ten page has been divided into various sections like religion, population, geography, economy, defence, sports, technology, and recreation.

Also, there are interesting sub-sections in the recreation maps. Tourism section under the same theme features maps on top tourist destinations and countries earning most from this sector.

Top Ten Religion Maps: What are the largest religions of the world? What are their membership statistics, relative size, locations, and rankings? The Top Ten world religions page lists all the information you need on the various religions in the world with the maps of the countries where they are followed.

Top Ten Population Maps: This map gives precise information on the top ten populous countries of the world with their current population.

Top Ten Geography Maps: This page shows a collection of maps on World’s Top Ten Geographical features, Countries With Largest Volcanic Islands, Countries with Largest Deserts, Highest Mountains, Largest Island, etc.

Top Ten Economy maps: Which country boasts of the largest economy? The Top Ten economy maps enlist the top economies of the world. This page includes a list of countries of the world sorted by their gross domestic product (GDP), the market value of all final goods and services from a nation in a given year.

Last Updated on: Feb 22, 2017