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What are the top ten cycling destinations of this world?

Top ten cycling destinations of this world

Exploring beautiful cities while riding a bicycle can be a wonderful experience. Cycling not only helps with fitness, but it has been officially declared that it makes people happier. Want to keep mental illness away? Riding your bicycle every other day could help you prevent it. If people choose to commute using a bicycle more often, they will be protecting themselves from many other serious diseases like obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.
People who love to ride their bikes, also prefer visiting the cities which are known for their bicycle pathways or bike rentals. The Copenhagenize Index released in 2018, established rankings of the most-bike friendly cities in the world.

These are the regions where you would find most people hopped on a bike:


The capital of Denmark clinched the first spot in the index, for it has a unique cycle path network like nowhere else. An estimated $157 million USD was invested in the infrastructure. 62% of the city’s population prefers riding their eco-friendly bikes on day to day basis. Bicycle highways and cycle paths have been built, and many more are planned. The city is known as the bicycle capital of the world.


“Utrecht Attractive and Accessible” is a development plan carried out in the city which also promotes cycling. By the end of 2018, an 184,000-square-foot garage will be built here, which would hold parking space for 12,500 bikes. This would be world’s largest bicycle parking in the entire world.


There is a lot more to Amsterdam than the breathtaking architecture. The vibrant culture in the city motivates people to indulge in a healthier lifestyle. An estimated 73% of the population have a bicycle for commuting. The entire city offers a bike path for its people. Even though the cycling trend continues, the only bother is the increased number of scooters creating traffic on the bike paths and adding risk factor for the cyclists.


A few years ago, Strasbourg was the only city in France which encouraged the habit of riding a bicycle. At present, the city has the highest number of cyclists who rent their bikes. Strasbourg has also launched new cargo bike promotion scheme, and constructed a highway called VeloStras to be used only by bicycles.


The city of Malmo has provided its tourists the option to explore the city while riding a bicycle. The newly built seven-story residential building, Cykelhuset is a car-free complex, and its inhabitants use only bicycles for everyday purpose. With the opening of first ever bicycle-based complex, the city shows its dedication to remain one of the best cycling destinations.


The city in France is following the footsteps of Strasbourg, and cultivating a bike-friendly environment. In the year 2016, ‘Plan Vélo Métropolitain’ was approved to improve the infrastructure for cyclists, and almost 88 million USD have been invested into the project. The city is focused on calming the motor traffic and allocating more space for bicycles.


Antwerp is the best destination for cycling when you are in Belgium. Large scale projects are implemented in the city, for example, cycle paths along the harbor as well as construction of numerous bridges just for cyclists. The urbanization being carried ensures to include cycle paths in the design.


The city has gradually gained momentum and emerged amid the top ten cycling destinations. It was tagged as the Green Capital of Europe in year 2016, and has ever since shown dedication towards better environment.


20% of the population of Tokyo, which is about 4 million people, commute to the nearest train or subway using a bike. Bicycles can be seen everywhere when you are exploring the realms of the city of Japan, especially owing to the Cycling Embassy of Japan (CEJ) which was recently established.


The campaign of bicycle community has led to increased number of cargo bikes in the German capital. Even back in 2010, almost 500,000 bike riders were noticed on day-to-day basis. The city has several long-distance routes only constructed for cyclists.

For most of us, cycling was one of the highlights of childhood. It is one of the low-impact exercises which adults can indulge in. Motivate your friends and families to gear up on their bicycles and make your city bike-friendly as well.

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