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California Railroad Map

by Vishul Malik

The extensive train routes of the state are highlighted in the California Railway Map. Union Pacific, Santa Fe Railway and Burlington Northern are the prime railroads of California state.

California Railroad Map

About the California Railway Map

The railway map, while pointing out the tracks, also indicates the cities and boroughs which are intersected by the state railway lines. Amtrak is one of the main railway service providers of California state which offers 170 commuter trains and 38 intercity trains.

Places like Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego are well-linked with the regular trains provided by Amtrak. While Coaster and San Diegans commuter trains make San Diego accessible, the Union Station of Los Angeles allows Metrolink and long-distance trains. San Diegan and Coast Starlight trains of Amtrak offer easy connectivity to Santa Barbara in California. Some of the major towns such as Santa Ana, Stockton, San Fransisco, Oakland, Fresno and Anaheim can be reached through the regularized train services of the state. The California map is also a vital illustrative tool which shows the wide-reaching railway network of the place.

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