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Is Secondary Vocational Education an attractive career option?

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Enrollment in Secondary Vocational Education in the World
Vocational education, which is also referred as technical education, has emerged as an important part of the educational system in many nations around the world. It enables the students to get the knowledge and skills that are specific to a particular trade or occupation. The completion of such programs leads to vocational qualifications that are relevant to the labor market in different sectors like technology, trade, tourism and more.

Vocational education not only enhances the employment avenues of an individual but also provides a career alternative to those who are pursuing towards higher education. In earlier days, vocational education training was mainly imparted in classrooms or on site. However, with the advancement of technology, online vocational education has also gained popularity and it has become easier to look for courses. As per UNESCO, currently 120 countries are providing vocational secondary education so youngsters can develop practical skills in their field. With the rise in population, there is increased competition to grab the best of job opportunities. Having backdrop of a vocational course, students can find it easier to structure a better career for themselves.
The secondary vocational education is offered to the students of high school, and highest enrollment ratio has been observed in China. According to World Bank data in 2016, the country witnessed 16,569,753 people enrolling in secondary vocational education during the year. Coming at the second place was the Asian nation of Indonesia where in the same year, 4,334,987 people were enrolled in secondary vocational education across the nation.

To get more information on the number of individuals enrolled in secondary vocational education, refer to the table below.

Country Name 2016
China 16,569,753
Indonesia 4,334,987
Mexico 3,784,089
Egypt 1,851,665
India 1,762,522
Russia 1,515,614
Uzbekistan 1,394,903
Australia 994,058
Bolivia 733,319
Poland 697,988
Bangladesh 626,923
Spain 614,147
Netherlands 584,430
Cameroon 477,192
Romania 417,329
Colombia 356,871
Pakistan 324,598
Malaysia 301,205
Chile 300,280
Guatemala 298,924
Ecuador 294,858
Finland 258,482
Honduras 253,285
Austria 241,386
Switzerland 228,403
Portugal 197,748
Serbia 190,899
Kazakhstan 187,279
Ukraine 186,191
Israel 159,808
Bulgaria 143,399
Croatia 139,017
Mali 131,308
Norway 127,056
Canada 125,029
Denmark 122,082
Costa Rica 112,599
Sri Lanka 110,625
Venezuela 107,554
Cote d’Ivoire 105,353
El Salvador 100,848
Bosnia and Herzegovina 99,907
Tunisia 94,981
Hungary 93,917
Rwanda 93,629
Belarus 85,748
New Zealand 73,526
Kyrgyzstan 61,405
Niger 54,894
Lebanon 54,224
Ghana 53,171
Senegal 52,576
Burundi 50,885
Dominican Republic 46,763
Peru 45,221
Mongolia 35,370
Madagascar 31,843
Moldova 30,296
Burkina Faso 30,030
Albania 25,428
Lithuania 24,442
Montenegro 18,897
Georgia 12,112
Mauritius 11,405
Laos 8,510
United Arab Emirates 8,366
Timor-Leste 7,938
Chad 7,791
Hong Kong SAR, China 7,657
Bahrain 6,364
Djibouti 5,879
Brunei Darussalam 4,858
Central African Republic 4,858
Yemen 4,792
Belize 3,741
Palestine 3,109
Malta 2,583
Cabo Verde 1,607
Bhutan 1,487
Mauritania 1,463
Liechtenstein 1,151
Macao 1,065
Qatar 719
Sao Tome and Principe 583
Andorra 419
Monaco 314
Seychelles 224
St. Lucia 162
Marshall Islands 134
Oman 120
Bermuda 0
Grenada 0

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