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An embassy is a term used to refer to the diplomatic mission of a particular country (or an organisation such as the United Nations) in another country's soil. This embassy or diplomatic mission is the official representative of that particular country or organisation in the receiving country.

There are several roles associated with the embassy of a state. These, according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, conisists of "representing the sending State in the receiving State; protecting in the receiving State the interests of the sending State and of its nationals, within the limits permitted by international law; negotiating with the Government of the receiving State; ascertaining by all lawful means conditions and developments in the receiving State, and reporting thereon to the Government of the sending State; promoting friendly relations between the sending State and the receiving State, and developing their economic, cultural and scientific relations."

The embassy, thus, acts as the voice of the country that it represents in land outside its own. It works to protect the land and interest of its own citizens in that particular receiving country.

The mapsofworld.com embassy finder is a useful tool in finding embassies located in a particular country. It works on two levels. The first search tool allows users to search for all embassies of a particular country in the world. For instance, by choosing Afghanistan from the drop down menu and clicking on "Go", one will be able to find a list of embassies of Afghanistan present in the world.

The next tool uses a more advanced search. Here, one can choose from the first drop down list the country whose embassy is required. The second drop down menu requires the user to choose from the list, the country on whose soil the said embassy is located. For example, one can search for the embassy of the United States in Afghanistan, by selecting United States from the first drop down menu and Afghanistan from the second drop down menu.