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MapXL, Inc. is a California based subsidiary of Compare Infobase Limited, a premier cartography and GIS company developing & creating maps, and map products for over 18 years. We work in three distinct business domains: Mapping Portals (online), Mapping Projects (custom services), and Mapping Products (Ecommerce).
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Our Mapping Solutions are aimed at solving real-world problems and that’s why our services & products have been accepted and used in over 50 countries worldwide. Creating Map Products in over 20 different languages caters to our different verticals, including Government, Education, Publishing, Telecom, Automotive, Real Estate, Health Care, and Sports & Entertainment. We are business partners with National Geographic, Amazon.com, and Google, as well as proud members of the International Map Trade Association.
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About Maps

Since its humble beginnings, maps have opened up new ways to look at the world we live in. Contemporary maps have become an excellent platform to combine different pieces of information, data, and ideas seamlessly. The wonder of mapping and cartography is still evolving, and new ways of uniting knowledge with geography have become entertaining and innovative ways to connect with our audience.
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So, why do you even need a map?

The simple answer is, everything has a root, whether you are talking about culinary traditions or the climate of a place. A map provides a bird’s eye view, an entire picture, and can explain the root of a theme.

For example, if you own a creole restaurant and wonder what to put up on the wall, a customized map of creole cuisine and how it evolved and matured in different parts of Louisiana could be a great idea. Or if you want to decorate a classroom, and have students from a very diverse background, a customized map is the best way to celebrate individual cultures of the student population.

There are of course, other academic uses of the good ol’ map. If a picture can speak a thousand words, a map can speak ten thousand. This is best illustrated by historical maps. For example, the best way to teach the history of the American Revolution to new students, is to use a map which merges historical events with the spatial geography. It makes much of the details clearer teaching with maps. This create a deeper understanding, and has a greater impact than just plain texts. (Text, as in books, not instant messages!)

And of course, a world map is a charming addition to any study room. It’s an essential component of any home, office, or school.

We not only sell 'regular' maps, but maps with niche categories, like World Tourism Map, World Map of Fault Lines, Map of the World Best Shopping Destinations, and a whole range of US-centric maps. Some of the best-sellers are US Map with Capitals, USA River Map, USA Airports Map, Museums of USA, and USA County Map.

Another classic application for maps is thematic representations. Thematic maps are maps with a focus on a particular aspect like say, historical, cultural, technological, or economic data. Maps are one of the best ways to look at the bigger picture, and now with advanced technology, you can select which part of the picture you want to focus on. For example, we can create for you a map of American cities with top GDPs, or maps that focus on natural resources, climatic conditions, social characteristics, or nearly any topic you can think of!

The possibilities are limitless, and your imagination are the only boundaries. Creating and designing the best map is our only ambition, and we deliver it with great passion. We are lucky to have a wide customer base throughout the world, and are greatly humbled with their generous loyalty.

This is why we always try to understand our customers personally, and deliver on your exact needs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, queries, or quotes on custom maps. We would love to assist you with all your mapping and cartographic needs. Read Less


Mapsofworld.com (MOW) is an authoritative online resource for Maps; World Maps, US Maps, Country Maps, read more... Regional Maps, and more. We, at MOW, develop maps for educational and information purposes. These maps can be downloaded for free. read less


We sell maps at our own store, and on established platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, and others. The maps on read more... our store are either created by the MOW Team, or by marquee mapping publishers like National Geographic, GMJ, and Rand McNally. We also sell digital products & maps as raster and/or vector files, and apps for iOS and Android. read less


We specialize in data and map mash-ups, working on state-of-the-art GIS software from ESRI. Our mapping solutions read more... include; cartography & GIS, for print, online, and mobile. We create solutions that are web-based and standalone.
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Current Events 2017
  • US President Trump's administration prepares to ease export rules for US Guns

    As per the senior US officials, President Trump's administration is making it easier for American gun makers to export small arms. The objective of new developments is to enhance the US exports of small arms and create jobs at home. In the 2016 election, the candidature of Donald Trump was supported by the National Rifle Association, which spent more than $30 million in support of Trump. According to the new developments, weapons like assault rifles and handguns will officially move from State's tightly restricted Munitions List to the Commerce Control List (CCL).


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  • Hurricane Maria heads to Puerto Rico

    Amidst state of emergency in Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rossello told on Tuesday that there is still time for Puerto Ricans to get to govt-run shelter. After wreaking havoc in Dominica, Hurricane Maria is heading west towards Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. A Category 5 storm with sustained wind speeds of 175 mph (281kph), Category 5 Hurricane Maria is set t...

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  • Central Mexico hit by magnitude 7.1 earthquake

    Barely 14 days after a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit southern Mexico, another earthquake has wreaked havoc in Central Mexico. It is considered to be the deadliest earthquake to hit Central Mexico in three decades. As per the US Geological Survey, the epicenter of this powerful earthquake was Atencingo in Puelba State about 120 km (75miles) from Mexico City, with a depth of 51 km. Buildings collapsed and people ran into the streets as m...

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  • A powerful earthquake of 7.1 magnitude hits Mexico City

    A magnitude 7.1 earthquake wreaked havoc in Central Mexico on Tuesday. At least 149 people lost their lives, including 22 students from a school in this deadliest earthquake. Building collapsed, people ran into the streets as a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City. The epicenter of this powerful earthquake was in the state of Puebla. Since three decades, it is the deadliest earthquake to hit Mexico. The US Geological Survey reported, the tremor on Tuesday struck eight kilometers southeast of Atencingo...

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  • US President Trump to target Iran, 'menace' North Korea in his first UN speech

    On Tuesday, the world will witness US President Donald Trump's first address to the United Nations General Assembly. President Trump is likely to target Iran and 'menace' North Korea, “regimes that threaten world stability and peace.” President Trump warned that bureaucracy was holding the United Nations back, during his first day at the United Nations General Assembly. Trump is likely to make an appeal for 'burden sharing' in the face of global challenges along with projecting his “America first” onto a world stage. ...

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