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Earthquakes in Japan

M 6.6 - 27km E of Tomakomai, Japan - 5 Sept, 2018

M 6.6 Earthquake in Japan - 5 Sept, 2018
Description :M 6.6 Earthquake in Japan - 5 Sept, 2018 

*We specifically create maps that have a magnitude of 6 or more on the Richter Scale.


6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan Coast; Tsunami Warning Issued

Nov 22, 2016 20:59:49 UTC: A 6.9 magnitude earthquake shook Japan's Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures early morning (6:00 A.M. local time) on Tuesday, 22 November, 2016. It struck at a depth of about 30 km and prompted urgent warnings for people to vacate low-lying areas in Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures. Three people are reported to have been injured. A tsunami warning had been issued but downgraded eventually as the risk of serious damage appeared to have passed. According to the United States Geological Survey, aftershocks could possibly continue to shake the Japanese coast for days. The earthquake hit the same area as the 9.0-magnitude earthquake in 2011, which was one of the worst ever to hit Japan. The 2011 earthquake had claimed more than 20,000 lives and triggered a meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. It is said that Tuesday's tremor was an aftershock of the 2011 quake.


6.2 magnitude earthquake hits Japan

2016-11-11 21:42:59 UTC: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Japan shortly after 6:42 am local time. As per the US Geological Survey, there have not yet been any reports of damage. The quake had a depth of 44 kilometers and it struck close to the northeast coast of Honshu Island. The island is located at a distance of 350 kilometers from Japan's capital Tokyo.


M 6.2 Earthquake Hits Japan

Oct, 21 2016 2:40 AM: As per reports from the US Geological Survey, M 6.2 earthquake has hit Kurayoshi about 230km southeast of Tokyo on Thursday night. Initially, the quake was believed to be 6.4 magnitude; however, after reviewing the seismic activity the geological experts confirmed that it was 6.2 magnitude. The tremors were felt around 300 miles away from the epicenter of the quake.

In the last three days, the country has experienced six earthquakes. There is no report of any damage or casualty though.

Japan feels such tremors frequently as it is located near ring of fire.


6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits North-eastern Japan

2016-08-20 09:01:26 UTC: As per the reports of US Geological Survey (USGS), a 6.0 magnitude earthquake has shaken the undersea off the north-eastern Japan on Friday night. The quake struck at a depth of around 37km. The buildings in Tokyo were shaken due to the jolt, but no damage or injury have been reported so far. There is not even any threat of Tsunami, as reported by the Japan Meteorological Agency. Japan has witnessed two earthquakes in one week. 


7.3-magnitude earthquake hits Japan: 19 dead


A powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck Japan killing 19 people. As per media reports, hundreds of people are reported to be trapped. The earthquake, which occurred at 4.25 am on Saturday morning, shook the Kumamoto region. Several aftershocks followed the quake.

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 Map of M 7.3 Earthquake in Southern Japan

M 6.0 Earthquake in Southern Japan at 12:26:38.30 UTC on Apr 14, 2016

Map showing Location of M 6.0 Earthquake in Southern Japan at 12:26:38.30 UTC on Apr 14, 2016



Map showing the epicenter of M6.7 earthquake in Japan on Jan 14, 2016.
Northern Japan jolted by 6.7 magnitude earthquake

A strong earthquake struck off Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. As per Japan's Meteorological Agency, the 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck near the Urakawa town located on Hokkaido’s southern tip. No tsunami warning has been issued. There were no immediate details about damage or causalities due to the earthquake. 


M6.7 Earthquake in Japan - Nov 14, 2015

Nov 14, 2015 - A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has occurred off the coast of southwest Japan. As per media reports, the earthquake has resulted in a small tsunami. The Japan Meteorological Agency has said the earthquake struck about 190 kilometers southwest of Kagoshima city. It occurred at a depth of 10 kilometers. So far, there are no reports of casualties or damages to property.


Chile earthquake: Tsunami waves reach Japan

Sep 17, 2015 - Waves and aftershocks that were caused by the 8.3 magnitude earthquake have reached the coasts of Japan. According to media reports, the authorities have issued a tsunami warning. Japan's Meteorological Agency has said that though smaller waves have been detected across the country, a 70 centimeters wave have been recorded in the port of Kuji.


M6.3 Earthquake hits Japan - June 23, 2015


Description: Map showing the epicenter of M6.3 earthquake in Japan on June 23, 2015.


M6.3 Earthquake - 248km WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan- June 23, 2015


2015-06-23 12:18:29 (UTC)
Nearby Cities
248km (154mi) WNW of Chichi-shima, Japan 
764km (475mi) SSE of Shingu, Japan
780km (485mi) S of Shimoda, Japan
783km (487mi) SSE of Oyama, Japan
889km (552mi) S of Tokyo, Japan
Co-ordinates : 27.669°N 139.793°E         depth : 455.9 km (283.3 mi)


M6.2 Earthquake hits Japan - June 8, 2015

Map showing the epicenter of M6.2 earthquake in Japan on June 8, 2015. 



6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan


June 8, 2015 :  A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Japan on Monday. The earthquake hit Hokkaido and has a depth of 44 km. The epicenter of the earthquake was located around 415 miles of Tokyo, 66 miles from Hakodate, 63 miles from Shizunai

M7.8 Earthquake hits Japan - May 30, 2015


Map showing the epicenter of M7.8 earthquake in Japan on May 30, 2015.



Japan Earthquake: Two injured, power disrupted


Tokyo, May 30:  Two people were injured in the powerful earthquake that hit Japan on Saturday evening. However, their injuries are considered to be non-life threatening. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake disrupted power in many areas. According to the Tokyo Electric Power Co, around 400 houses in Saitama Prefecture were without power. Soon after the earthquake struck, elevators at Roppongi Hills shopping and business complex in Tokyo stopped working, forcing hundreds of visitors to climb down the stairs. 




Japan Earthquake: Buildings in Tokyo feel tremors; airports temporarily closed


Tokyo, May 30, 2015 (02.30 PM UTC): A powerful undersea earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck Japan at about 18:30 local time. According to media reports, buildings in Tokyo swayed for about a minute. The epicenter of the quake was 874 km (543 miles) from the capital. The bullet train service between Tokyo and Osaka was halted due to a power outage and both runways at Narita Airport were temporarily closed. The earthquake hasn't affected the facility of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).




A massive earthquake of Magnitude 7.8 hits Japan


Tokyo, May 30, 2015 (12.30 PM UTC): A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hits Japan at around 18:30 local time on Friday. The epicenter of the quake was 189 km from Chichi-shima in Bonin Islands, according to United States Geological Survey (USGS). The quake has reportedly rocked buildings in Tokyo. No tsunami warning has been issued yet.


Earthquakes in Japan
S. No Date Magnitude Name of quake Epicenter Death toll
1 Feb 21, 15 6.1 Mw Miyako  39.863N, 142.425E 0
2 Dec 7, 12 7.3 Mw Kamaishi earthquake 37.700°N, 144.600°E, depth 32.0 km 3
3 Jan 1, 12 6.8 Mw Izu Islands, Japan 31.416°N, 138.155°E, depth 348.5 km 0
4 Jul 10, 11 7.0 Mw Fukushima earthquake aftershock 38.040°N, 143.287°E, depth 49 km 0
5 Apr 11, 11 7.1 Mw Fukushima earthquake aftershock 37.007°N, 140.477°E, depth 10 km 6
6 Apr 7, 11 7.1 Mw Miyagi earthquake aftershock 38.253°N, 141.640°E, depth 49 km 4
7 Mar 11, 11 7.1 Mw Tohoku earthquake aftershock 38.106°N, 144.553°E, depth 19.7 km  
8 Mar 11, 11 9.0 Mw Tohoku earthquake 38.510°N, 142.792°E, depth 24.4 km 15,891 deaths,[68] confirmed.
9 Mar 9, 11 7.2 Mw Tohoku earthquake foreshock 38.424°N, 142.836°E, depth 32 km  
10 Dec 21, 10 7.4 Mw Bonin Islands earthquake 26.866°N, 143.739°E, depth 14.9 km 0
11 Feb 26, 10 7.0 Mw Ryukyu Islands earthquake 25.902°N, 128.417°E, depth 22.0 km 1
12 Aug 11, 09 6.6 Mw Tokai Area Earthquake 33.8°N, 138.50°E, depth 20.0 km 1
13 Aug 9, 09 7.0 Mw Izu Islands earthquake 33.144°N, 138.040°E, depth 303.1 km 0
14 Jun 14, 08 6.9 Mw Iwate–Miyagi Nairiku earthquake about 1 km (0.62 mi) east of Narusawa Onsen in northwest Iwate Prefecture 12
15 Jul 16, 07 6.6 Mw Ch Etsu offshore earthquake about 29 km (18 mi) west of Niigata 11
16 Mar 25, 07 6.9 Mw Noto earthquake about 11 km (6.8 mi) due west of the southern end of the town of Wajima 1
17 Jan 13, 07 8.1 Mw Kuril Islands earthquake 46°28.8′N154°04.48′E 0
18 Nov 15, 06 8.3 Mw Kuril Islands earthquake about 160 km (99 mi) due east of the southern tip of Simushir in the Kuril Islands 0
19 Aug 16, 05 7.2 Mw Miyagi earthquake about 55 km (34 mi) due east of the Oshika Peninsula in Miyagi Prefecture 0
20 Mar 20, 05 7.0 Mw Fukuoka earthquake In the Genkai Sea about 6 km (3.7 mi) northwest of Genkai Island at the mouth of Fukuoka Harbor 1
21 Oct 23, 04 6.9 Mw Ch Etsu earthquake Ojiya, Niigata 40
22 Sep 25, 03 8.3 Mw Hokkaido earthquake 41.78°N 143.86°E 1
23 Mar 24, 01 6.7 Mw Geiyo earthquake 34.083°N 128.020°E 2
24 May 4, 98 7.5 Mw 1998 Ryukyu Islands earthquake 22.30°N 125.30°E 0
25 Jan 17, 95 7.3 Mw Great Hanshin earthquake northern end of Awaji Island 6434
26 Dec 28, 94 7.7 Mw Offshore Sanriku earthquake 40.451°N 143.491°E 3
27 Jul 12, 93 7.7 Mw Hokkaido earthquake 42.851°N 139.197°E 202
28 Sep 14, 84 6.3 Ms Otaki earthquake Mount Ontake, Otaki, Nagano Prefecture 29
29 May 26, 83 7.8 Ms Sea of Japan earthquake off coast 50 miles (80 kilometers)from Noshiro, Akita Prefecture 104
30 Jun 12, 78 7.7 Ms Miyagi earthquake just offshore Miyagi Prefecture 28
31 May 9, 74 6.5 Ms Izu Peninsula earthquake near Izu Peninsula 25
32 May 16, 68 8.2 Mw 1968 Tokachi earthquake Offshore of Misawa, Japan 52
33 Apr 1, 68 7.5 Mw Hyuga-nada earthquake Hyuga-nada Sea  
34 Jun 16, 64 7.6 Mw Niigata earthquake 50 km north of Niigata 26
35 Mar 4, 52 8.1 Mw Hokkaido earthquake 42.3°N 144.9°E 28
36 Jun 28, 48 7.1 Mw  Fukui earthquake near Maruoka, Fukui 3769
37 Dec 20, 46 8.1 Mw Nankaido earthquake Nankai Trough 1362
38 Jan 13, 45 6.8 ML Mikawa earthquake Mikawa Bay 1180 + 1126 missing
39 Dec 7, 44 8.1 Mw T?nankai earthquake 34.0°N 137.1°E 1223
40 Sep 10, 43 7.2 ML Tottori earthquake offshore from Ketaka District 1083
41 Nov 3, 36 7.2 Ms Miyagi earthquake offshore Miyagi  
42 Mar 2, 33 8.4 Mw[34] Sanriku earthquake 290 km (180 mi) east of the city of Kamaishi, Iwate 3000
43 Nov 26, 30 7.3 Ms North Izu earthquake Izu Peninsula 272
44 Mar 7, 27 7.6 ML Kita Tango earthquake Tango Peninsula in Kyoto Prefecture 3020
45 May 23, 25 6.8 ML Kita Tajima earthquake Toyooka in Hyogo Prefecture 428
46 Sep 1, 23 8.3 ML Great Kanto earthquake Izu Oshima 142800
47 Jun 15, 96 8.5 ML Meiji-Sanriku earthquake   22000
48 Oct 22, 94 7.0 ML Sh?kai earthquake Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture 726 (Official confirmed)
49 Jun 20, 94 6.6 ML Meiji Tokyo earthquake Tokyo Bay 31
50 Oct 28, 91 8.0 ML Mino–Owari earthquake Neodani Faultline 7273
51 Jul 28, 89 6.3 Kumamoto earthquake Tatsuda fault 20
52 Mar 18, 72 7.1 MK Hamada earthquake off coast Hamada, Shimane Prefecture 551 (official confirmed)
53 Apr 9, 58 7 Hietsu earthquake Atotsugawa Fault 200–300
54 Nov 11, 55 6.9 MK Ansei Edo earthquake Edo, near the mouth of the Arakawa River 6641
55 Dec 24, 54 8.4 MK Ansei-Nankai earthquake Nankai Trough 10000
56 Dec 23, 54 8.4 MK Ansei-T kai earthquake Suruga Bay 2,000 (estimated)[22]
57 Jul 9, 54 7.25 'MK Iga Ueno earthquake Iga, Mie Prefecture (then Iga Province) 995 (official confirmed)
58 May 8, 47 7.3 M Zenkoji earthquake Nagano Basin (then Shinano Province) 8600
59 Dec 18, 28 6.9 MK Echigo Sanjo earthquake Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture (then Echigo Province) 1,559 (official confirmed)
60 May 21, 92 6.4 MK Unzen earthquake and tsunami 32.8°N 130.3°E 15448
61 Apr 24, 71 7.4 MK Great Yaeyama Tsunami 24.0°N 124.3°E 13486
62 Oct 28, 07 8.6 ML H?ei earthquake Off the Kii Peninsula 5000
63 Dec 31, 03 8.0 ML Genroku earthquake Edo 5233
64 Dec 2, 11 8.1 Keicho Sanriku earthquake 39.0°N 144.4°E 2000
65 Sep 27, 11 6.9 MK Aizu earthquake Aizu basin, (Present day of Fukushima Prefecture) 3,700+ (Official estimate)
66 Feb 3, 05 7.9 MK Keicho Nankaido earthquake 33.5°N 138.5°E 5000
67 Jan 18, 86 7.9 MK Tensho or Ise Bay earthquake    
68 September 20, 1498(G) September 11, 1498(J) 8.6 MK Meio Nankaido earthquake 34.0°N 138.1°E 31000
69 August 3, 1361(G) July 26, 1361(J) 8.3 M Shohei earthquake 33.0°N 135.0°E  
70 May 27, 1293(G) May 20, 1293(J) 7.3 Kamakura earthquake 35.2°N 139.4°E 23024
71 July 13, 869(G) July 9, 869(J) 8.9 MK Jogan Sanriku earthquake 38.5°N 143.8°E 1000
72 June 5, 745(G) June 1, 745(J) 7.9 MK occurred at Minoh 34.8°N 135.5°E  
73 November 29, 684 (Gregorian calendar) November 26, 684 (Julian calendar) 8.4 MK(Kawasumi scale)[1] Hakuhou Nankai earthquake 32.8°N 134.3°E 101–1000



Japan Hit with 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake : 14 March 2014

On early Friday morning at around 2:07 AM, Japan was hit with a earthquake of 6.2 magnitude, off the country's Kyushu island situated to its southern side. Few injuries and delayed trains have been reported from the region.The earthquake hit the island of Kyushu near the city of Oita, stated the US Geological Survey. It was initially reported that the quake was measured as of 6.4 magnitude. It was 53.4 miles (83 km) deep and was centered 31 miles (50 km) northeast of Oita.

Yohei Hasegawa, Director of the agency's earthquake and tsunami observation division, stated in a news conference, "We fear the danger of rockfalls and landslides has increased in areas that felt strong tremors". Denying the risk of a tsunami for now, Japan's Meteorological Agency has still urged residents to stay on alert.


Hokkaido Earthquake, Japan - September 11, 2008

An earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on Richter Scale struck Hokkaido, Japan region on Thursday, 11th Sept. 2008. Aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 and 5.4 have also been reported. Epicentered at 41.979N and 143.625E, Hokkaido earthquake had a depth of 35 km. The distances are: 778 km north-northeast of Tokyo, 223 km south-southeast of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, 223 km east-southeast of Sapporo, Hokkaido and 127 km south-southwest of Kushiro, Hokkaido. Though Tsunami alert was given following the quake, no immediate casualties or damages were reported.  


Eastern Honshu Japan - 23rd July 08

6.8 Magnitude   In a gap of 40 days, another earthquake hit eastern Honshu in Japan. According to USGS, the earthquake on 23rd July had its epicenter at 39.795N and 141.426E. The quake that had hit this region on June 13 this year measured 6.9 on the Richter scale, whereas the current tremor has a magnitude of 6.8 Mw. No casualty has been reported; since the epicenter was well into the sea, the quake did not affect the buildings on land.


Honshu Earthquake, Japan - July 19, 2008

7.0 Magnitude   The largest island of Japan, Honshu, also called the Mainland, houses several cities of the country including Tokyo and Yokohama. Earthquakes are frequent in this region; a quake of magnitude 6.6 hit near the west coast of Honshu on July 16, 2007. The earthquake that struck the region on 19th July 2008 had a magnitude of 7.0 Mw and had 37.627N 142.110E as the epicenter.  


Japan Earthquake -17 July 2007

6.8 Magnitude   An earthquake of the magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale struck Japan on 16 July 2007 killing seven people in the city of Kashiwazaki and damaging a large nuclear reactor. The damage to the reactor, one of the largest in the world, caused a leak that released a small amount of water containing radioactive materials into the sea. The quake also left hundreds injured and caused widespread devastation in Niigata Prefecture.

The powerful tsunami waves that hit the coast of Japan today have caused alarm in many other countries also. Untold destruction happened in Japan, and a similar situation is feared in other places. The waves washed away buildings, bridges and all other types of infrastructure that stood in their way. The death toll is also increasing steadily, with about 50 deaths being reported and about 35 confirmed. Shortly after the tsunami hit Japan, various agencies issued tsunami alerts for the following countries:

Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

A state of panic has already gripped the whole world, and may of these countries have started moving people away from the coastal areas.

From time to time, various earthquakes have rocked Japan and resulted in disruption of everyday life. The map shows those occurring in the last century.


Major Earthquakes in Japan

Map showing the epicenter of major earthquakes occured in Japan.



Earthquake in Fukushima, Japan

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Japan Earthquake Map

Major Earthquakes in Japan

Major Earthquakes in Japan

Map showing the epicenter of major earthquakes occured in Japan.