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Earthquakes in Taiwan

Earthquake in Taiwan

Earthquake in Taiwan
Description :Location Map of Earthquake in Taiwan. 

*We specifically create maps that have a magnitude of 6 or more on the Richter Scale.

At least 2 dead, 212 injured after an earthquake strikes Taiwan
A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan on Tuesday night. More than 177 are reported missing, 2 are dead and 212 injured. The earthquake was centered about 14 miles northeast of Hualien, eastern Taiwan. A building was also tilted to 45 degrees due to the Earthquake in Taiwan. A rescue operation is being conducted to save the people trapped inside the building. Around 150 people have been rescued who were trapped in hotels, residential buildings, and other public places.

Earthquake measuring 6.1 strikes Taiwan
May 31, 2016 5:23:47 (UTC) : Taiwan was rocked by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake on Tuesday. The earthquake occurred near Taipei; however, there were no reports of damage or injuries. According to media reports, some witnesses said that tremors could be felt in buildings in Taipei, which included the national parliament and the international airport in Taoyuan.

Taiwan earthquake: Rescuers searching for survivors, death toll rises to 11
Rescuers are looking for survivors in the rubble of a high-rise residential building in southern Taiwan which collapsed after an earthquake hit the country. As per media reports, the death toll has risen to 11 and around 30 people are still missing.

Taiwan earthquake: death toll rises to seven
The death toll in the deadly earthquake that struck Taiwan on early Saturday morning has risen to seven. According to media reports, around 422 people were injured due to the earthquake.

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Taiwan, three dead
A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Taiwan early Saturday morning. Three people are reported killed in the earthquake, which occurred in the south Taiwan city of Tainan. The quake, which struck when people were sleeping, toppled many buildings. Rescue teams were trying to reach out to people trapped in the rubble. One person and a baby were killed when a residential block collapsed. More than 220 people have been rescued.



Earthquakes in Taiwan
Date Location Magnitude Fatalities
Mar 16, 1906 Chia - i, Taiwan M 6.8 atalities 1,250
Apr 12, 1910 Taiwan region M 7.6  
Jun 5, 1920 Taiwan region M 8.0 atalities 5
Apr 20, 1935 Taiwan (Formosa) M 7.1 atalities 3,270
Jul 16, 1935 Taiwan (Formosa) M 6.5 atalities 2,740
Apr 26, 1959 Taiwan region M 7.5 atalities 2
Jan 25, 1972 Taiwain region M 7.5 atalities 1
Jan 25, 1972 Taiwain region M 7.0  
Apr 24, 1972 Taiwain region M 7.2 atalities 4
May 3, 1998 Southeast of Taiwan M 7.5  
Sep 20, 1999 Taiwan M 7.6 atalities 2,400
Mar 31, 2002 Taiwan region M 7.1 atalities 5
May 15, 2002 Taiwan M 6.2 atalities 1
Dec 10, 2003 Taiwan M 6.8  
Oct 15, 2004 Taiwan region M 6.7  
Nov 8, 2004 Taiwan region M 6.3  
Dec 26, 2006 Taiwan region M 7.1 atalities 2
Dec 26, 2006 Taiwan region M 6.9  
Sep 6, 2007 Taiwan region M 6.2  
Dec 19, 2009 Taiwan M 6.4  

Earthquake in Taiwan

Earthquake in Taiwan

Earthquake in Taiwan on Feb 05, 2016

Earthquake in Taiwan

Map showing the location of earthquake in Taiwan on Feb 05, 2016

Historic Earthquakes in Taiwan

History of Earthquakes in Taiwan

Map showing location of various historic earthquakes which occurred in Taiwan