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Ecuador Earthquake Map

Location Map of M6.8 Earthquake in Ecuador

Location Map of Earthquake in Ecuador
Description :Location Map of Earthquake in Ecuador 

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.8 strikes Ecuador 


May 19, 2016 - Considered as part of the aftershock resulting out of an earthquake with magnitude 7.8 that occurred on 16 April 2016, an earthquake with magnitude 6.8 took place near the west coast of northern Ecuador. At the earthquake site, the Nazca plate subducted eastward beneath the South America plate at a velocity of 61 mm/yr. 

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.7 strikes western Ecuador 


May 18, 2016 - An earthquake of  magnitude 6.7 struck western Ecuador early on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Geographical Survey. It was only in April that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed over 650 people and injured around 16,600. The epicenter of Wednesday's earthquake was 36 miles (58 km) south of Esmeraldas at a depth of 10 km. The Pacific-wide tsunami was not expected.

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Aftershocks jolt Ecuador; death toll crosses 600


April 22, 2016 - Almost after a week the devastating earthquake struck Ecuador, new set of aftershocks has been rattling the country, especially in the last two days. According to Ecuador’s Geophysics Institute, A 6.0-magnitude quake struck off the coast of northwest Ecuador at 10:00 pm (local time) on Thursday. It was followed by smaller aftershocks on Friday morning. Last week's earthquake has already killed more than 600 people and injured thousands.


6.0-Magnitude Earthquake hits Ecuador 


11:00 PM April 21, 2016: Ecuador was again hit by an earthquake. As per media reports, the magnitude 6.0 earthquake occurred near Portoviejo at 03:03:41.60 UTC. Further details are awaited. 


6.1-Magnitude Earthquake hits Ecuador 


04:13AM April 20, 2016: Ecuador was today struck by another earthquake. The 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck some 15.5 miles west of Muisne. Further details regarding the earthquake are awaited. 


Ecuador Earthquake: Death toll climbs, rescue operations on


10:30 PM April 18, 2016: The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Ecuador during the weekend has left a trail of death and destruction. According to media reports, at least 410 people have died while more than 2,000 injured in the earthquake reported to be the biggest to hit the country. The country seems to be in a state of mess with buildings flattened, highways shattered and people left without power.


Meanwhile, efforts are being made to find survivors as rescue team searched though the rubble to find any possible signs of life or victims. Thousands of people have been rendered homeless with the government trying to find shelter for them.


Ecuador Earthquake: Death toll likely to rise beyond 272, rescue operations on

 8:10 AM April 18, 2016: Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has warned that the official death toll, which stands at 272, could rise in the coming days. Rescuers and family members continue to search for survivors as they find evidence of people still alive under the rubble. Over 2,000 people were injured in Ecuador's most powerful earthquake in decades. 


Ecuador Earthquake: Death toll climbs to 272


11:26 PM April 17, 2016: The death toll in the massive Ecuador earthquake has climbed to 272. The earthquake struck Ecuador on Saturday night and is reported to be the strongest to hit the country since 1979. Media reports quoted Vice President Jorge Glas as saying that more than 2,500 people were injured in the earthquake.


Ecuador Earthquake: Death toll reaches 77; Tsunami fears recede

As rescue teams brave landslides to bring people out of the rubble, the country’s Risk Management agency has told residents, who evacuated coastal towns because of tsunami warning, to return home. The death toll has already touched 77.

Ecuador earthquake: Death toll climbs to 77

At least 77 people have died in the deadly Ecuador earthquake. The figure was confirmed by the Vice President of the country, Jorge Glas. He further said that more than 588 people were injured in the quake. The earthquake was felt across Ecuador, as well as southern Colombia and northern Peru. A state of emergency has been declared in the six worst hit districts of Ecuador.

Magnitude-7.8 earthquake rocks Ecuador: 28 dead

Around 28 people were killed in a powerful magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck off the northwest Pacific coast of Ecuador late on Saturday. According to media reports, there has been considerable damage near the epicenter as well as in Guayaquil. Jorge Glas, Vice President of Ecuador, said that a state of emergency was in effect. He further said that due to possible tsunami risks, evacuations in coastal areas were being carried out.

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Distance Km Distance Mi From
27.0 km 16.8 mi SSE of Muisne, Ecuador
52.0 km 32.3 mi W of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador
68.0 km 42.3 mi SSW of Propicia, Ecuador
111.0 km 69.0 mi NW of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador
170.0 km 105.6 mi WNW of Quito, Ecuador

Location Map of M6.7 Earthquake in Ecuador

Location Map of Earthquake in Ecuador

Ecuador Earthquake Location Map

Location Map of M6.1 Earthquake in Ecuador

Location Map of Earthquake in Ecuador

Ecuador Earthquake Location Map

Areas Affected by Earthquake in Ecuador

Ecuador Earthquake Map

Map showing location of magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred near Esmeraldas, Ecuador at 23:58:37.40 UTC on Apr 16, 2016