Top 10 Smallest Island Country

What is the smallest island country in the world? Which are the top 10 smallest island countries? This smallest island country map will give you a snapshot of the location of the smallest island countries (in terms of area): The Vatican City (The Holy See) in Southern Europe, Howland Island in Oceania, Monaco in Western Europe, Coral Sea Islands in Oceania, Jarvis Island in Oceania, Ashmore And Cartier Islands in Southeastern Asia, the Spratly Islands in Southeastern Asia, Navassa Island in the Caribbean, Clipperton Island in Middle America, And Midway Islands in Oceania. This is a blank, outline map of the world showing countries, international boundaries, and oceans.
Top Ten Smallest Island Countries
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An island is a mass of land that is surrounded by sea or ocean. Many archipelagoes or groups of islands are located scattered in the Pacific, Atlantic, and other oceans across the world. The economies of these countries are also relatively small and the livelihood of those countries is mainly dependent on tourism, finishing, and others. 

Most of these smallest island countries are located in the Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, South China Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. Their geographic location is mostly concentrated in the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, Macaronesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Comoros Islands, Lucayan Archipelago, and many more. 

If we consider the continents, most of these habitable small islands and island countries are situated in Asia, followed by Europe, and Oceania. Here are the smallest countries/dependent territories and their total areas are:

  1. Vatican City: 0.27 square miles or 0.69929679 sq km - No capital city.
  2. Monaco: 0.77 square miles or 1.994291 sq km - The capital city is Monaco.
  3. Nauru: 8.5 square miles or 22.0149 sq km - The capital is Yaren.
  4. Tuvalu: 10 square miles or 25.8999 sq km - The capital is Funafuti.
  5. San Marino: 24 square miles or 62 sq km - The capital is San Marino.

  6. Liechtenstein: 62 square miles or 161 sq km - The capital is Vaduz.
  7. Marshall Islands: 70 square miles or 181 sq km - The capital is Majuro.
  8. Saint Kitts and Nevis: 104 square miles or 269 sq km - The capitals are Basseterre and Charlestown.
  9. Seychelles: 107 square miles or 277 sq km - The capital is Victoria.
  10. Maldives: 115 square miles or 298 sq km - The capital is Malé.
  11. Malta: 122 square miles or 316 sq km - The capital is Valletta.
  12. Grenada: 133 square miles or 344 sq km - The capital is Saint George's.
  13. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 150 square miles or 389 sq km - The capital is Kingstown.
  14. Barbados: 166 square miles or 430 sq km - The capital is Bridgetown.
  15. Antigua and Barbuda: 171 square miles or 443 sq km - The capital is Saint John's.
  16. Andorra: 180 square miles or 466 sq km - The capital is Andorra la Vella.
  17. Palau: 191 square miles or 495 sq km - The capital is Ngerulmud.

Island countries (with the exception of Japan, Indonesia, and some other handful of countries) are characterized by small areas of land (completely surrounded by oceans) and low populations. They are usually present in the archipelago. While some are located over ancient submerged volcanoes, some are low-lying tropical islands (created from stony corals and other organic debris), and many others are part of the continental shelf’s unsubmerged parts. 


Explore all the smallest island countries of the world in this Smallest Island Country Map to get a clear view of the location of these countries in different continents, oceans, seas, and imaginary lines (such as International Date Line, Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Arctic Circle, and the Antarctic Circle. Know the list of the smallest countries in the world that are situated in different parts of the world. 


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World Top Ten Smallest Island Countries

S.noCountriesArea sq KmLocation Sea
1HOLY SEE (VATICAN CITY)0.44 Southern Europeenclave of Rome (Italy)
2HOWLAND ISLAND1.6OceaniaNorth Pacific Ocean
3MONACO2Western EuropeMediterranean Sea
4CORAL SEA ISLANDS Less than 3Oceanianortheast of Australia
5JARVIS ISLAND4.5 OceaniSouth Pacific Ocean
6ASHMORE AND CARTIER ISLANDS5Southeastern AsiaIndian Ocean
7SPRATLY ISLANDSless than 5Southeastern AsiaSouth China Sea
8NAVASSA ISLAND5.4CaribbeanCaribbean Sea
9CLIPPERTON ISLAND6 Middle AmericaNorth Pacific Ocean
10MIDWAY ISLANDS6.2OceaniaNorth Pacific Ocean


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