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World Maps serve various purposes and can contain a wealth of information.The world is home to an amazingly wide range of travel destinations and maps are useful to those who travel and explore the world.

The seven continents, Asia, Africa, North America, South Africa, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, as well as any subdivisions are shown on world maps. There are many types of world maps from physical maps to political maps, and a large range of thematic maps, which provide visual representation of data or geographic features. Blank world maps are a great tool for teachers and students studying geography.

There are various types of world maps and depending on your requirement, you can take a glance at the different types of maps. Blank World Maps can be useful to students as this can be used for map plotting exercises. World time zone maps help a person to keep an eye on the time zones prevailing in various parts of the world at any given time. A glimpse at the world economy maps can give the onlooker an idea about the economic status of the world by indicating the GDP and other economic patterns.

The World at a Glance : 
Total Surface Area : 510,072,000 sq km
(197 million sq miles)
Total Land Area :  148,940,000 sq km
(57,506,100 sq miles) - 29.2%
Total Water Area :  361,132,000 sq km
(139,434,000 sq miles) - 70.8%
Population :  7 billion (2012 estimate)
Population density :  45/sq km
(117/sq miles)

GDP : 
Total :  USD 70.650 trillion (2008 estimate)
Per capita :  USD 9,600
GDP (nominal) (2007 estimate) :  USD 55 trillion
Per Capita :  USD 8,100
Human Development Index (HDI) :  0.753 (2007)

Physical Characteristics : 
Mean Radius :  6,371.0 km
Equatorial Radius :  6,378.1 km
Polar Radius :  6,356.8 km
Flattening :  0.0033528
Volume :  1.0832073 x 10^12 cubic km
Mass :  5.9736 x 10^24 kg
Mean Density :  5.5153 g/cubic cm
Equatorial Surface Gravity :  9.780327 m/s^2
Escape Velocity :  11.186 km/s
Sidereal Rotation Period :  0.99726968 days
(23h 56m 4.100s)
Equatorial Rotation Velocity :  1,674.4 km/h
(465.1 m/s)
Axial Tilt :  23.439281°
Circumference : 
40,075.02 km (equatorial)
40,007.86 km (meridional)
40,041.47 km (mean)

World Economy : 
Total GWP :  USD 78.95 trillion PPP (2011 estimate)
Per capita :  USD 11,800
GDP (nominal) :  USD 70.16 trillion (2011 estimate)
Last Updated : November 25, 2014

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