OPEC Member Countries

OPEC Member Countries
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  OPEC Member Countries  
CountryRegionMembership YearsPopulation (2016 est.)Area (km2)Oil Production (bbl/day, 2016)Proven Reserves (bbl, 2016)
 AlgeriaNorth Africa19694,06,06,05223,81,74013,48,36112,20,00,00,000
 AngolaSouthern Africa20072,88,13,46312,46,70017,69,6158,42,30,00,000
 EcuadorSouth America1973-1992, 20071,63,85,0682,83,5605,48,4218,27,30,00,000
 Equatorial GuineaCentral Africa201712,21,49028,0512,27,0001,10,00,00,000
 GabonCentral Africa1975-1995, 201619,79,7862,67,6672,10,8202,00,00,00,000
 IranMiddle East19608,02,77,42816,48,00039,90,9561,57,53,00,00,000
 IraqMiddle East19603,72,02,5724,37,07244,51,5161,43,06,90,00,000
 KuwaitMiddle East196040,52,58417,82029,23,8251,01,50,00,00,000
 LibyaNorth Africa196262,93,25317,59,5403,84,68648,36,30,00,000
 NigeriaWest Africa197118,59,89,6409,23,76819,99,88537,07,00,00,000
 QatarMiddle East1961-201925,69,80411,43715,22,90225,24,40,00,000
 Republic of the CongoCentral Africa201851,25,8213,42,0002,60,0001,60,00,00,000
 Saudi ArabiaMiddle East19603,22,75,68721,49,6901,04,60,7102,66,57,80,00,000
 United Arab EmiratesMiddle East196792,69,61283,60031,06,07797,80,00,00,000
 VenezuelaSouth America19603,15,68,1799,12,05022,76,9672,99,95,30,00,000
OPEC Total  48,36,30,0001,24,92,6953,54,81,74012,10,70,30,00,000
World Total  7,66,88,52,00051,00,72,0008,06,22,28716,50,58,50,00,000
OPEC Percent  6.30%2.40%44%73%

The OPEC member countries map shows a World Map, where all the member countries of OPEC have been highlighted.
The OPEC member countries map shows a World Map, where all the member countries of OPEC have been highlighted.

OPEC stands for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. It was founded in 1960, in Baghdad by the first five members - Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Since 1965, OPEC is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

The mission of OPEC is to coordinate and unify petroleum policies of Member Countries. OPEC is made up of fifteen countries – Angola, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. Qatar will however, no longer be a member of OPEC from January 1, 2019. 81.5% of the world's "proven" oil reserves are found in these countries.

The organization aims at coordinating and unifying petroleum policies of its member countries. OPEC also aims at stabilizing prices in the international oil markets. It wants to secure a steady income to the producing countries. OPEC decisions play a significant role in the global oil market and international relations.

The Representatives of OPEC Member Countries (Heads of Delegation) get together at the OPEC Conference to co-ordinate and unify petroleum policies. Their aim is to promote stability and harmony in the oil market. As of September 2018, about 44 per cent of the world's oil output comes from the OPEC member countries. They possess more than three-quarters of the world's total proven crude oil reserves.

Last Updated : February 25, 2020

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