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G20 Countries: List, Map, Facts, and Information

The G20 countries map displays the geographical distribution of G20 countries, showcasing their diverse locations across different continents. Each country is clearly marked, allowing for easy identification and understanding of their spatial relationships.

Map of G20 Member Countries
Description: World Map showing location of G20 major economies member countries. Disclaimer

Welcome to our comprehensive resource on the G20 countries, a group of major economies that significantly influence the global financial landscape. Explore our maps, discover key facts, and gain valuable insights into each member nation.

G20 Countries List

Discover the G20 member countries:
Click on each country name to access a dedicated map showcasing its geography, major cities, and landmarks.

G20 Summit History: Past and Future

The G20 summit convenes leaders from major economies to discuss global economic challenges and promote cooperation. These high-level meetings shape policies and agreements that impact the global financial landscape.

YearHost CountryHost City
2002IndiaNew Delhi
2003MexicoMexico City
2005Saudi ArabiaRiyadh
2006South AfricaCape Town
2007South KoreaSeoul
2008USAWashington, D.C.
2009United KingdomLondon
2012MexicoLos Cabos
2013RussiaSt. Petersburg
2018ArgentinaBuenos Aires
2020Saudi ArabiaRiyadh
2025South AfricaTBA

Facts about G20

  1. Formation: The G20 (Group of Twenty) was established in 1999 to bring together the world's major economies to discuss global financial stability and promote economic cooperation.
  2. Membership: The G20 consists of 19 individual countries plus the European Union, which is represented by the European Council.
  3. Major Economies: The G20 member nations represent approximately 85% of the global GDP and two-thirds of the world's population.
  4. Forums and Summits: The G20 holds annual summits where leaders from member countries gather to discuss economic issues, global governance, and policy coordination.
  5. Objectives: The primary objectives of the G20 include promoting sustainable economic growth, addressing financial market vulnerabilities, and enhancing cooperation on global economic issues.
  6. Cooperation Areas: The G20 focuses on a range of economic and financial issues, such as trade, investment, employment, energy, climate change, and development.
  7. Outreach: The G20 engages with various stakeholders, including international organizations, business communities, civil society, and think tanks, to foster dialogue and collaboration.
  8. G20 Presidency: Each member country holds the G20 presidency for one year, during which they lead and host the annual summit.

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