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Planning to be a part of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games scheduled to take place in London,England??

Distance between the various venues would be the first thing to cross your mind. The London Olympics Venues Route Planner is a solution to all your distance problems.
Forget the traditional means like books and travel manuals that you flipped through before heading for the stadiums where the matches of your favorite sports are schedulaed to take place.

Unlike these mediums that have limited information, the London Olympics Venues Route Planner helps you calculate distances of almost all the venues from the major airports and other stop-overs in the United Kingdom.

The London Olympics Venues Route Planner helps you do away with the long process of going through a long list of places before finally arriving at the venue of your interest. All you need to know is the places between which you want to find the distance. There is also an option of building up a series of locations to find a total distance.

Clicking on the 'find' button will load both the satellite and the terrain map of the places that you were looking for. The application will quickly calculate the distance and display it on the screen. The distance is calculated in kilometers. Also, the application gives you directions and the major landmarks around the searched for places.

Updated on a regular basis, distance calculated through the London Olympics Venues Route Planner is accurate. The information available is a result of thorough research, so rest assured, you are getting the correct data.

This time-saving Engine can be of great help for tourists, sports-enthusiasts, travelers and researchers.