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Planning a journey to the United Kingdom? Distance between places is the first thing that flashes across the mind. More so when the country is a large one; the United Kingdom comprises the island of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and many smaller islands.
The massive number of cities and provinces in the country can leave the tourist baffled if he has not the slightest idea about distances.

The UK Distance Calculator is designed for the same; it is a solution to all your distance problems. Forget the traditional means like books and travel manuals that you flipped through before starting your journey.

Unlike these mediums that have limited information and are generally restricted to the distance between only major places in the state, the UK Distance calculator helps you calculate distances of almost all places, even the smaller and lesser known cities and towns.

Driving Distances Between Major Cities of Uk

S. NoFrom CityTo CityDistance in Miles Distance in KMExpected Travel Time
1LondonAberdeen548.1258778 hours 55 min
2LondonBedford58.2593.21 hour 27 mins
3LondonBelfast476.257629 hours 25 mins
4LondonBrighton53.75861 hour 48 mins
5LondonEdinburgh416.256667 hours 6 mins
6LondonLiverpool221.253543 hours 54 mins
7LondonManchester2103363 hours 48 mins
8LondonNottingham1302082 hours 43 mins
9LondonReading44.062570.51 hour 7 mins
10LondonSheffield162.52603 hours 19 mins
11LondonYork216.8753473 hours 53 mins
12YorkBelfast286.8754597 hours 12 mins
13YorkBrighton273.754384 hours 41 mins
14YorkCambridge158.752542 hours 48 mins
15YorkChester110.6251772 hours 6 mins
16YorkEdinburgh203.1253253 hours 54 mins
17YorkLeeds25.12540.20 hour 44 mins
18YorkLincoln80.6251291 hour 41 mins
19YorkLiverpool100.6251612 hours 2 mins
20YorkLondon216.8753473 hours 57 mins
21YorkManchester71.251141 hour 36 mins
22YorkReading2203524 hours 0 mins
23CambridgeLondon65.6251051 hour 32 mins
24EdinburghAberdeen126.8752032 hours 30 mins
25EdinburghLondon416.256667 hours 9 mins
26EdinburghManchester216.253464 hours 0 mins
27HalifaxLondon218.1253493 hours 59 mins
28HalifaxYork43.75701 hour 1 min
29LincolnLondon156.8752512 hours 58 mins
30LincolnYork80.6251291 hour 38 mins
31LiverpoolBelfast271.8754356 hours 17 mins
32LiverpoolBlackpool55.12588.21 hour 13 mins
33LiverpoolBolton36.558.40 hour 50 mins
34LiverpoolBrighton273.1254374 hours 35 mins
35LiverpoolLeeds73.1251171 hour 29 mins
36LiverpoolLondon222.53563 hours 55 mins
37LiverpoolManchester34.312554.90 hour 54 mins
38LiverpoolYork100.6251612 hours 0 mins
39ManchesterBelfast291.8754677 hours 0 mins
40ManchesterBlackpool53.062584.91 hour 5 mins
41ManchesterBolton15.7525.20 hour 28 mins
42ManchesterChester40.87565.40 hour 57 mins
43ManchesterEdinburgh220.6253533 hours 59 mins
44ManchesterLiverpool35.062556.10 hour 54 mins
45ManchesterLondon2103363 hours 48 mins
46ManchesterSheffield38.37561.41 hour 24 mins
47ManchesterYork71.8751151 hour 33 mins
48ReadingLeeds205.6253293 hours 42 mins
49ReadingLondon41.566.41 hour 9 mins
50ReadingYork2203523 hours 59 mins

The UK Distance Calculator helps you do away with the long process of going through a long list of places before finally arriving at the place of your interest. All you need to know is the places between which you want to find the distance. There is also an option of building up a series of locations to find a total distance. Clicking on the 'find' button will load both the satellite and the terrain map of the places that you were looking for. The application will quickly calculate the distance and display it on the screen. The distance is calculated in kilometers.

Also, the application gives you directions and the major landmarks around the searched for places.

Updated on a regular basis, distance calculated through the UK Distance Calculator is accurate. The information available is a result of thorough research, so rest assured, you are getting the correct data.

The City Distance Search Engine is user friendly, quick and accurate and comes free of cost. This time-saving Engine can be of great help for tourists, travelers and researchers.

Students studying geography can also avail the distance measuring benefits that the application offers.

Just browse the net, click on the City Distance Search Engine and find the distance between any world cities.

  Distance between UK Cities  

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