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World Map for Kids

The world map for kids is a colorful world map that shows each of the continents, and an example of the type of wildlife found on each continent.

World Map for Kids North America Map for Kids South-America Europe Africa Asia Australia Antarctica Map
Description: World Map for kids depicts various continents and animals found primarily in those continents. Disclaimer

Map of the World for Kids

World maps show the entire Earth, including the continents and the oceans. On the World Map for Kids, each of the continents is shown in a different color, and the oceans are colored light blue.

The World Map for Kids shows a view of the world with the North Pole near the top of the map, and the South Pole near the bottom of the map. The arrow below the "N" in the top right corner of the map shows which direction is north on the map.

Earth's land is separated into seven continents, which are the large landmasses shown on the map in various colors. The continents shown on this map are North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. Sometimes North and South America are considered one continent. Europe and Asia have also been considered one continent, because they are connected, but they are culturally very distinct.

Asia is the continent with the highest population, followed by Africa. Antarctica is the only continent that has no people living on it permanently, because it is covered in ice and snow. Australia is the smallest continent.

Many of the continents are divided up into smaller areas, called countries. Each country is usually ruled by its own government. Countries can be very large or very small. The largest country in the world is Russia, shown as part of Asia (although sometimes it is considered part of Europe). The smallest country is Vatican City, located inside Italy on the European continent. Australia is both a continent and a country.

Last Updated On : Feb 02, 2015

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