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New Hampshire Airports Map

by Vishal Kumar

Location map of international and domestic airports in New Hampshire. It contains location of public use, military use, private use and commercial airports in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Airports Map


Airports in New Hampshire

There are 26 public airports in New Hampshire. Pease International Tradeport Airport is only one international airport in New Hampshire.
Pease International Tradeport Airport at Portsmouth, the only international airport in New Hampshire, is the state’s gateway to the international community. The airport offers hangar facilities for private fliers, too. This airport in New Hampshire also has a trade port, which is useful for import and export businesses. The airlines that operate from the premises of this airport are Lebanon Municipal Airport at Lebanon and the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport at Manchester.

Tickets to these airlines can be booked online. Online ticket booking can earn special fares and discounts from some of these airlines.

The New Hampshire airports receive many tourists each year and, as a result, there are many car rental, hotel, and bus services to be found within or immediately outside the airport.

The important airports in New Hampshire are at Colebrook, Berlin, Lancaster, Twin Mountain, Glen, Woodsville, Plymouth, Rochester, Newport, Nashua, and Brattleboro.

Maps of Major Airports in New Hamshire

List of Airports in New Hampshire

Airport Name City Coordinates
Lebanon Municipal Airport Lebanon 43°37′34″N 072°18′15″W
Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Manchester 42.9325, -71.435556
Portsmouth International Airport at Pease Portsmouth 43°04′41″N 070°49′24″W
Alton Bay Seaplane Base Alton Bay 43°28′39″N 071°14′13″W
Franconia Airport Franconia 44°11′45″N 71°44′58″W
Gorham Airport Gorham 44°23′35″N 71°11′48″W
Hawthorne-Feather Airpark Deering 43°03′41″N 071°54′19″W

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