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How well do you know America?

Q1Who was the first President of the United States?
Q2Which U.S. President was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald?
Q3Who said “Give me Liberty or give me Death”?
Q4Which was the first American hamburger chain?
Q5Which is the oldest brewery in the United States?
Q6Which was the first political party in the United States?
Q7To be elected as the President of the United States how many electoral votes must a candidate have?
Q8Who was the first African American to be popularly elected to the US Senate?
Q9When are elections held in the United States?
Q10Who were awarded voting rights under the 19th Amendment?
Q11Which was the most expensive US election?
Q12Which US firm recently bought the popular messaging app WhatsApp?
Q13Marissa Mayer is the CEO of which major technology company?
Q14What is the capital of Washington State?
Q15Which of the following is not a state capital?
Q16Which of the following is known as the ‘Lone Star State’?
Q17Which American football team won the 2014 Superbowl?
Q18In which city is Hollywood located?
Q19In September 2014, on which militant group did Barack Obama launch the air strikes?
Q20In which city was Starbucks founded?
Last updated was: Jan 30, 2016