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World Natural Vegetation

World Natural Vegetation Map depicts the type of natural vegetation in different parts of the world.

World Natural Vegetation
Description : World Natural Vegetation map indicates the type of vegetation in different regions of the world. Disclaimer

Natural Vegetation Map shows a world map, where the regions of the world have been shown with different colors according to the natural vegetation in that particular region of the world.
The types of natural vegetation shown on this Natural vegetation Map are Tundra and Mountain Vegetation, Needleleaf Evergreen Forest, Mixed Needleleaf Evergreen and Broadleaf Deciduous Woodland, Broadleaf Deciduous Woodland, Mid-latitude Grassland, Evergreen Broadleaf and Deciduous Trees and Shrubs, Semi-desert Scrub, Desert, Tropical Grassland, Tropical Broadleaf Rainforest and Monsoon Forest and Subtropical Broadleaf and Needleleaf Forest. The Natural Vegetation Map shows that the vegetation distribution is so varied throughout the world.

Tundra Vegetation is found in the high northern latitudes of the world.

Vegetation in the Tundra region comprises of lichen, which grows on rocks and is made of fungus and algae living and growing together. Tundra vegetation comprises of Polar Tundra and Alpine Tundra. Tundra Vegetation basically comprises of grasses, mosses and lichens.

Needleleaf Evergreen Forests extend into lower altitudes. Such forests are found on plateaus as well. Sierra Nevada and Rockies are examples of Needleleaf Evergreen Forests. The natural vegetation is under threat due to expanding agriculture, logging and fuelwood consumption. Around 49% of the forest cover is Tropical Forests, 15% are Tropical Rainforests, 5% are plantations, 24% are Boreal Forests, 13% are Temperate Forests and 8% are Subtropical Forests.

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