Famous Landmarks of the World

World Map of Landmarks of the World
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The landmarks shown on the map are Statue of Liberty (New York), the Colosseum (Rome), Eiffel Tower (Paris), the Colosseum (Rome), the Leaning Tower (Pisa), Kremlin Square (Moscow), Taj Mahal (Agra), Arc de Triomphe (Paris), the Great Wall (China), the Opera House (Sydney) etc.

Landmarks exist since time immemorial. They aided navigators in reaching their final destinations. They played an everlasting role in history. Landmarks can be both natural and manmade. Some natural landmarks are Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. These landmarks have achieved a world-renowned status. They are the icons of the countries they are located in. Landmarks are categorized according to their dominance of visibility, natural or built form.

Landmarks are categorized according to the dominance of visible, natural, or built forms. For example, Eiffel Tower is a landmark that immediately makes you think of Paris. It's a manmade structure that is referred to as a landmark. Niagara Falls is a natural landmark. Functional significance also categorizes a landmark such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Natural wonders comprise of mountains, volcanoes, deep canyons, waterfalls or reefs. These landmarks are the trademark of the particular state, city, state/province, country and continent where they exist.

Last Updated : March 10, 2014