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One can easily find latitude and longitude of a place with this extremely handy and useful map of Mapsofworld.com. lobal latitude and longitude are an integral part of the geographic coordinate system, which help us to precisely pinpoint any particular place in world countries The map with world latitude and longitude presented on this page gives an overview about these lines. This map with latitude and longitude is extremely helpful for one and all. This world map with line of latitude and longitude is extremely useful for educating students about the importance of longitude address. The given latitude and longitude map is comprehensive, precise and the places on the map are easily distinguishable.

According to the Ptolemaic system, the sphere shaped earth is divided into 360 degrees which again is divided at 90 degrees by perpendicular imaginary horizontal and vertical lines of latitude and longitude respectively.

The 0 degree longitude coincides with an imaginary line which joins the geographical north and south poles. This line is known as the meridian line and it divides the earth in Eastern and Western hemispheres. Latitudes follow an east to west pattern whereas longitudes follow a north-south pattern. Latitudes give an idea about how far one can go whereas longitudes help us to determine the distance from the Prime Meridian.

One can calculate latitude and longitude of a desired place with the help of this latitude and find longitude latitude map. The table given on this page provides the gps latitude and longitudinal degrees of different countries of the world. One can use this table in case one is unsure about the exact longitudinal and latitudinal position of a place.

Lookup longitude of a city from this table. Longitude finding of a city location is extremely simple with this table. One can just note down the latitudinal and longitudinal degree from the table and try to locate the place on the longitude map . This table is thus extremely useful and helpful for users who wish to know about the geographical location of different places on the world map.

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