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Faroe Islands Postal Codes

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Postal Codes, Faroe Islands
Faroe IslandsAkrar927
Faroe IslandsAnir726
Faroe IslandsArgir160
Faroe IslandsArgir165
Faroe IslandsArnafjordur727
Faroe IslandsBour386
Faroe IslandsDalur235
Faroe IslandsDepil735
Faroe IslandsEidi470
Faroe IslandsElduvik478
Faroe IslandsFamjin870
Faroe IslandsFrodba825
Faroe IslandsFuglafjordur530
Faroe IslandsFuglafjordur535
Faroe IslandsFunningsfjordur477
Faroe IslandsFunningur475
Faroe IslandsGasadalur387
Faroe IslandsGjogv476
Faroe IslandsGlyvrar625
Faroe IslandsGota510
Faroe IslandsGota515
Faroe IslandsGotueidi666
Faroe IslandsGotugjogv511
Faroe IslandsHaldarsvik440
Faroe IslandsHaraldbund785
Faroe IslandsHattarvik767
Faroe IslandsHellur695
Faroe IslandsHestur280
Faroe IslandsHosvik420
Faroe IslandsHov960
Faroe IslandsHoyvik188
Faroe IslandsHusar796
Faroe IslandsHusavik230
Faroe IslandsHvalba850
Faroe IslandsHvalvik430
Faroe IslandsHvannasund740
Faroe IslandsHvitanes187
Faroe IslandsInnan Glyvur494
Faroe IslandsKaldbak180
Faroe IslandsKaldbaksbotnur185
Faroe IslandsKirkja766
Faroe IslandsKirkjubour175
Faroe IslandsKlaksvik700
Faroe IslandsKlaksvik710
Faroe IslandsKolbanargjogv495
Faroe IslandsKollafjordur410
Faroe IslandsKoltur285
Faroe IslandsKunoy780
Faroe IslandsKvivik340
Faroe IslandsLambareidi626
Faroe IslandsLambi627
Faroe IslandsLangasandur438
Faroe IslandsLeirvik520
Faroe IslandsLeynar335
Faroe IslandsLjosa466
Faroe IslandsLopra926
Faroe IslandsMidvagur370
Faroe IslandsMidvagur375
Faroe IslandsMikladalur797
Faroe IslandsMorskranes496
Faroe IslandsMuli737
Faroe IslandsMykines388
Faroe IslandsNes655
Faroe IslandsNes925
Faroe IslandsNesvik437
Faroe IslandsNolsoy270
Faroe IslandsNorddepil730
Faroe IslandsNordoyri725
Faroe IslandsNordradalur178
Faroe IslandsNordragota512
Faroe IslandsNordskali460
Faroe IslandsNordtoftir736
Faroe IslandsOravik827
Faroe IslandsOyndarfjordur690
Faroe IslandsOyrarbakki400
Faroe IslandsOyrarbakki405
Faroe IslandsOyrareingir415
Faroe IslandsOyri450
Faroe IslandsPorkeri950
Faroe IslandsRituvik640
Faroe IslandsRunavik620
Faroe IslandsSaksun436
Faroe IslandsSaltangara600
Faroe IslandsSaltangara610
Faroe IslandsSaltnes656
Faroe IslandsSandavagur360
Faroe IslandsSandur210
Faroe IslandsSandur215
Faroe IslandsSandvik860
Faroe IslandsSelatrad497
Faroe IslandsSignabour416
Faroe IslandsSkalafjordur485
Faroe IslandsSkalavik220
Faroe IslandsSkali480
Faroe IslandsSkarvanes236
Faroe IslandsSkipanes665
Faroe IslandsSkopun240
Faroe IslandsSkuvoy260
Faroe IslandsSkællingur336
Faroe IslandsSoldarfjordur660
Faroe IslandsSorvagur380
Faroe IslandsStora Dimun286
Faroe IslandsStrendur490
Faroe IslandsStreymnes435
Faroe IslandsStykkid330
Faroe IslandsSumba970
Faroe IslandsSund186
Faroe IslandsSvinair465
Faroe IslandsSvinoy765
Faroe IslandsSydradalur795
Faroe IslandsSydradalur177
Faroe IslandsSydrugota513
Faroe IslandsTjornuvik445
Faroe IslandsToftir650
Faroe IslandsTorshavn100
Faroe IslandsTorshavn110
Faroe IslandsTrollanes798
Faroe IslandsTrongisvagur826
Faroe IslandsTvoroyri800
Faroe IslandsTvoroyri810
Faroe IslandsVagur900
Faroe IslandsVagur910
Faroe IslandsValur358
Faroe IslandsVatnsoyrar385
Faroe IslandsVelbastadur176
Faroe IslandsVestmanna350
Faroe IslandsVestmanna355
Faroe IslandsVidareidi750
Faroe IslandsVikarbyrgi928
Faroe IslandsÆduvik645

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