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World Sea Ports Map

The World Seaport map shows the location of various sea ports around the world.

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World Sea Ports Map North-America South-America Europe Africa Asia Australia
Description : This map shows the major seaports around the world. Disclaimer

Seaports are facilities located along the coast, which have harbors for transferring people and cargo. Seaports are used to exchange passengers on cruise ships, or drop off and pick up cargo, or for fishermen to haul in the days catch.

Cargo ports are specially designed to handle cargo, with large cranes or lifts to move the large shipping containers that are used to transport goods, especially those that travel from one country to another.

Seaports play an important role in world trade, as the main method of exporting goods between countries.

Some of the busiest seaports in the world include the Port of Shanghai in China, Port of Singapore, Port of Hong Kong, Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Port of Kobe in Japan, and the United Kingdom's Port of Dover.

Last Updated On : December 28, 2012

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