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World Map for Coloring is a blank world map which can be used by kids for coloring.

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Description : World map for coloring indicates the outer boundary and the overall shape of all the countries. Disclaimer

Blank World Map coloring for Kids

Blank Map of the World
Description:Blank world map for kids to Color.

A continent can roughly be defined as a large landmass separated from other landmasses by water bodies and an ocean can be defined as an immense saline water body adjoining major territorial regions of the world.

In the blank world map, it can be observed that the oceans of the world cover approximately 71% of the total surface of the earth whereas the land constitutes only about 29% of the total surface of the earth. The map of world outline presented here provides an overview of the world along with all the water bodies and landmasses covering the surface of the earth.

The oceans are presented as a continuous water body around the seven continents of the world and the continents are marked with international boundaries dividing various nations of the world. This outline map of the World depicts a 2-dimensional view of the earth which is easier to study and comprehend as compared to a 3-dimensional representation.