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When travel becomes a second nature, the mountains call, and the seas beckon- you cannot wait. And neither can we. We are here to make your journey beautiful and hassle free by providing insights about world famous travel destinations, world cuisines and eateries. We have a collection of first person travel memoirs. And for places that our team has not visited yet, we have curated accurate, complete and authentic information to help with the niceties of your trip planning. We have explored woodlands, lagoons, deserts and cities. So, no matter where your trip takes you- into the wilderness or into the heart of civilization- we will always have something to make your journey better.
World Travel Guides Our Travel Guides introduce you to the world-one country at a time. They provide updated travel maps with clearly marked destinations and answer questions that allay your travel jitters. Should you carry a bilingual dictionary or will a boisterous ‘Howdy’ do the trick. Is the public transport system reliable, or should you maybe, splurge a little on the stretch limo you had always dreamed of renting. And most importantly, what are the destinations you definitely must not miss. All these questions and more, have been answered in our condensed, easy-to-read Travel Guides.
World Travel Destinations Destinations so popular that you have heard the name a million times and seen a thousand pictures. Exotic destinations that only the truly nomadic traveler has visited. A site that is serving up credible, consistent, helpful information on both. Our articles on world destinations give you hard facts about the destinations you plan to visit-sans the frills. Here, we not only tell you if a butterfly museum is a world attraction, but we also tell you if it is sweltering hot in there.
Restaurant Reviews Our restaurant reviews are not hurriedly penned down feedback. They are intimate encounters; carefully crafted accounts of what goes onto the plate, and in the minds of the people behind it. Our reviewers are people who love food, understand what goes into the making of a great dish, and what factors render a dish mediocre. We have covered (and continue to add to the list) restaurants in California: mainly in Santa Cruz and Bay Area. These reviews are sprinkled with a dash of spice from our backpacking Indian gourmets. So, once in a while, you will find a rave review of a great restaurant in Bangalore or a roadside shack in Kolkata. Delhi, too, is in the pipeline.
Food Recipes There are countless who travel just to eat. Well, we hear you. Our chef brings to you recipes from far-flung countries. The mystery of the exotic Blackforest Cake from Germany or the Rice Paper Rolls from Vietnam can now be decoded-right in your kitchen. Our step-by-step recipes are easy-to-follow. And you do not need to travel to another world to procure the ingredients and equipments. Plus, there is a little something about the background of every dish to make your culinary journey that much more amazing.
Travel Infographics For those of you who prefer pretty illustrated picture books to boring text-heavy information, our travel infographics are just for you. Browse through our vast collection of infographics. All the information you need to know about a place laid against beautiful pictures that make learning a breeze.
Travel Tips Nuggets of interesting information from across the world-famous festivals, terrifying places, graves where history continues to weep at the cruelty of man, architectural marvels, beautiful coral reefs that surpass imagination, best places to visit every month, free things to do in the top cities of the world-all this and much more. Carefully curated top stories from around the world that promise to keep you riveted to your screen.