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Penguin Island In Perth

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Penguin Island in Perth

Penguin Island is one of the most-visited places in Perth, Australia. It is around 42 kilometers south from the heart of Perth and is approximately 700 meters ways from the Rockingham coast. If a person is highly interested to see small penguins amidst a spectacular natural landscape he should definitely visit the Penguin Island, Perth.

The place is also highly accessible from different parts of Australia. One can get into the island by taking a ferry or a bus. However, it should be kept in mind that each year from June to the middle of September this island remains closed.

It is assumed that this coastal island houses more or less 1200 little penguins and thus forms the biggest dwelling place for these birds in the Western part of Australia. This center also takes care of those birds that have rescued itself from severe injury. Throughout the year a huge number of tourists from across the world comes here to visit this place. The local people also prefer to arrange picnic in this majestic island.

Here dolphins can also be seen. The Penguin Island is basically a marine park that is completely filled up with marine life. It is also the perfect place for diving.

Where is Penguin-island?

Published On: Wednesday, October 19th, 2016