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Empire State Building In New York City

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The Empire State Building was officially opened on May 1, 1931, as the world’s tallest building. It remained the tallest building in the world for 41 years. The building was…

Empire State Building
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Empire State Building
Empire State Building from below
Empire State building image
Empire State Building standing tall in the New York City
Empire State Building NYC
Empire State Building
Empire State Building New York
Top of Empire State Building
Empire State Building New York City
Awesome view of Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was officially opened on May 1, 1931, as the world’s tallest building. It remained the tallest building in the world for 41 years. The building was considered the World’s tallest building from 1931 (when construction was completed) until 1972 (when World Trade Center’s North Tower was constructed). When the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001, the Empire State Building became the tallest building in New York City again. It is currently the fifteenth tallest building in the world, but is an internationally known landmark and a popular tourist destination.

The Empire State Building got its name from New York’s nickname, “The Empire State.” Currently, the Empire State Building is ranked third in terms of the tallest skyscrapers in the USA. The tallest skyscraper is Willis Tower, followed by Trump International Hotel and Tower, which are both located in Chicago.

The building was designed by William F. Lamb, one of the partners of the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon. The structural engineer of the Empire State Building was Homer Gage Balcom and the main contractor was Starrett Brothers and Eken.

After eight decades of its completion, a squad from the Clinton Climate Initiative, Jones Lang LaSalle, Johnson Controls, and the Rocky Mountain Institute collaborated with the Empire State Building Company to metamorphose the building into an energy efficient and eco-friendly building.

The Empire State Building has been featured in many movies and television shows. Andy Warhol’s silent film Empire, released in 1964 featured footage of the building, and Sleepless in Seattle also shot at the Empire State Building. Other movies with a glimpse of the Empire State Building include West Side Story, Step Up 3D, and The Other Guys.

Empire State Building Location Map


Location Map of Empire State Building

Location Map of Empire State Building

Empire State Building Video

Facts about Empire State Building

  • The Empire State Building was the first building to have more than 100 floors.
  • There are 73 elevators in the Empire State Building.
  • The address of the Empire State Building is 350 Fifth Avenue Manhattan, New York 10118.
  • The construction of this building started in 1929 and ended in 1931.
  • The total cost to build the Empire State Building was $40,948,900.
  • The building is being renovated at a cost of about $550 million.
  • Around $120 million has been spent in order to convert the building into an energy efficient and eco-friendly building.
  • In September 2011, the building received a gold rating for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and is the tallest LEED certified building in the USA.

Where is Empire State Building?

Located in New York City, the Empire State Building stands 102 stories high – 1,250 feet (or 381 meters) tall, or 1,454 feet (443.2 meters) tall, including the spire. It is accessible via subway, bus, and rail routes. The nearest airports include JFK International Airport, La Guardia Airport (NewYork) and Newark-Liberty International Airport (New York).

Best time to visit Empire State Building

You can visit the Empire State Building anytime of the year. However, the best suited time would be clear and dry days for vivid views.

Empire State Building Address

350 5th Ave,

New York, NY, 10001

Empire State Building Hours

The Empire State Building is open all round the year. The last elevator goes up at 1:15 am. During Special holidays, the visiting hours are from 8:00 am till 2:00 am.

Empire State Building Tickets

You are required to purchase Empire State Building Observation Deck Tickets. The charges for tickets vary with the package.

  • For Main Deck only i.e. till 86th-floor Adults have to pay $34, Senior (62+) citizens have to pay $31 and charges per child (6-12 years) are $27.
  • For an Under Main Deck Express package all the visitors are required to pay $60. It takes the visitors speedily to the 86th Floor Observatory only.
  • Main Deck+Top Deck package includes visits to the 86th and 102nd floor. The charges for this are a little more. Adults tickets cost $54, senior citizen $51 and $47 per child.
  • Main Deck+Top Deck Express levies a fee of $80 on all the visitors. No need to wait for your turn as the express service takes you directly to 86th and 102nd floor.

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Alaska Travel Information

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Alaska, though the largest state of the United States, is separated from the rest of the US by Canada. Located in the northwest of the North American continent, this glacier…

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Northern Lights Alaska
Alaska, though the largest state of the United States, is separated from the rest of the US by Canada. Located in the northwest of the North American continent, this glacier state is the 4th least populated among the US states. To the north of Alaska is the Arctic Ocean and to the south and the west is the Pacific Ocean.

Alaska covers over 663,268 sq mi and boasts of some breathtaking landscapes. The state is covered with a number of glaciers making it the ideal destination for adventure and nature loving tourists.

Much of interior Alaska comprises uninhabited wilderness. Places to visit in the state include the American Indian cultural centers, museums, historical sites, heritage centers and national parks.

Where is Alaska ?

The state of Alaska is located in the northwest of the North American continent. Find more through Alaska Location Map

Alaska Tourist Attractions Map

Alaska Travel Attractions Map

Places to Visit in Alaska

Alaska’s natural beauty attracts a large number of the visitors to this state. The state has about fifteen national parks, which are its key attractions. The following are the major tourist attractions of the state:

  • Denali National Park: The Denali National Park is home to the magnificent Mt. McKinley, the highest peak of North America. The snow covered peak attracts thousands of visitors and climbers each year. Claims are that this national park has the best wildlife viewing safari in the continent. The national park is home to a variety of wildlife including the grizzly bear, fox, caribou, moose, and lynx. It is a tourist destination which is open all through the year. Check this Denali National Park Map for more info.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park: The Kenai Fjords National Park covers a tidewater glacier and the Harding Ice Field – the major attraction for most visitors. Home to a variety of marine wildlife, the park offers many tour boats and great cruise options. The biggest king salmon fish is found in the Kenai River. Check this Kenai Fjords National Park Map for more info.
  • Katmai National Park This protects 9,000 years of human history and the important habitat of Salmon and thousands of brown bears. You’ll find 18 individual volcanoes in this park, out of which seven parks have been active since 1900. Check this Katmai National Park Map for more info.
  • Glacier Bay National Park: Home to twelve tidewater glaciers, the Glacier Bay National Park is the largest water area park of United States. It is also one of the highest places for whale watching.
  • Prince William Sound: Named by George Vancouver, the Prince William Sound is a sound or strait in the Gulf of Alaska. Some of the amazing tidewater glaciers are found in this sound. Some of these glaciers descend from the Chugach Mountains.
  • Anchorage: Anchorage is the largest city of Alaska and is famous for its museums. Anchorage also offers a number of cultural attractions, fine dining options, and luxurious hotels. This city has the Alaska Native Heritage Center, which is must-visit for visitors. In winter this city also offers great skiing opportunities.
  • Fairbanks: Located north of the Denali Park, Fairbanks is the second largest city in Alaska and is famous for the occurrence of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, the astrophysical phenomena. Between the months of April and August, the Northern Lights illuminate the night sky and provide some very picturesque views. During the summer months, Fairbanks receives 22 hours of sunlight. The Ice Museum and Alaska Museum are also the major attractions of the city.
  • Juneau: Juneau is the capital city of Alaska and is one of the top most tourist destinations of the state. Here one can enjoy the pristine scenery and the adventurous activities the city has to offer. Whale watching, hiking, and cultural activities attract most tourists to the city.
  • Chugach State Park: Chugach State Park is a state park in the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska. It is located in the Chugach Mountains and has an area of 495,204 acres of land, and is the third-largest state park in the country. The park is split into three different zones and has three public campgrounds. The Seward Highway follows part of the park along the Turnagain Arm. The most popular site along the highway is the Beluga Point Mile 110.5, which is named after the Beluga whales that frequent this area. The park has Alaskan information available at the Eagle River Nature Center.
  • Sitka National Historical Park: Also known as Indian River Park, Sitka National Historical Park is located in Sitka. The park commemorates the Tlingit and Russian experiences in Alaska. It is the state’s oldest federally designated cultural and historic park. It is managed by National Park Service and covers 112 acres of land. The park was established as a National Monument on March 23, 1910, and was re-designated a national historic park on October 18, 1972.
  • Sitka National Monument: Sitka National Monument is located on Sitka Bay. It covers an area of 57 acres and was established as a national monument by presidential proclamation on March 23, 1910. The site includes an ancient village of the Kik-Siti Indians, relics of the aboriginal life of the region, and the 16 totem poles. Witch tree is an interesting feature of the monument. It was here that the natives are believed to have held their trials for witchcraft.

Major attractions in Alaska

State Parks Chugach State Park, Kachemak Bay State Park, Afognak Island State Park, Wood-Tikchik State park
Beaches Buskin Beach, Monashka Bay Beach, Petroglyph Beach, Fourth of July Beach.
Museums Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Aurora Ice Museum, Alaska State Museum, Pratt Museum
Historical Places Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Ladd Field, Onion Portage Archeological District, Stika National Historical Park.
Other Places Sitka National Monument, Totem Heritage Center, Iditarod National Historic Trail, Denali National Park.

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