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War Cabinet Rooms

The War Cabinet Rooms in London is Second World War remain, which has now been turned into a Museum. The War Cabinet rooms is also known by the name of the Churchill Museum, though parts of the War Cabinet rooms were also used as shelter by other important

politicians and top army officers. In fact, a part of the War cabinet has been made into the Churchill Museum. During the Second World War, rampant bombings had destroyed the city and bunkers were constructed to escape the fatal attacks. The War Cabinet Rooms too were bunkers. There were special sound proof rooms to avoid the constant sound of the bombings.

The War Cabinet rooms have been maintained in their original form as they were during the days of the war, with the exact calenders and maps hanging from the wall. Even the telephone lines have not been removed. The Churchill Museum displays the five phases of President Winston Churchill. Recently, the rooms used by his wife too has been included in the Churchill Museum. The rooms display photographs of the War and the the aftermath of the Second World War.

The War Cabinet Rooms, London and the Churchill Museum are located in Horse Guard Road, in the heart of the London City. It is to be noted that only a part of the War Cabinet Room is opened for public viewing. It is now owned by the Imperial War Museum. Book British airways flights to London online on mapsofworld.com

Where is War Cabinet Rooms?

Published On: Thursday, October 20th, 2016