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US Travel Information

United States Travel Map

United States Travel Map

The name USA conjures up the visions of a gargantuan country blessed with the treasure of strikingly intriguing natural and cultural wonders. The metropolitan cities of Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Boston, and Chicago are hubs of entertainment and fine dining (evidenced in the form of eclectic music and cuisine). At the same time, the sight of the natural splendors, such as the Canadian Rockies, Bryce Canyon, Excelsior Geyser, Monument Valley, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Hells Canyon, Devil’s Tower National Monument, and Kenai Peninsula, will amaze the onlooker.

The prime places in the United States, such as the White House, US Capitol, Times Square, Navy Pier, Empire State Building, the great Niagara Falls, the Arches National Park, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Statue of Liberty top the itineraries of visitors. Some of the best tourist destinations in the country are St. Patrick’s towering cathedral that rests tall against the blue sky, Deadhorse in Alaska that remains wreathed in snow, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is a delight to explore for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, the marvelous Masonic Temple of Philadelphia, and the historic Liberty Bell. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a tribute to the four deceased presidents of the US and is one of the most-visited destinations of the country.

Learn about the culture of the Chaco community by strolling in the Chaco Culture National Historic Park, or know about the lifestyle of the Anasazi people by visiting the Mesa Verde National Park.
The arched Hoover Dam is one of the unmissable attractions in the US. You would love to explore the subterranean world by visiting the Mammoth Cave National Park that boasts of the world’s longest cave system.

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The country is also home to some of the famous squares and museums, such as the University of Alaska Museum Of North, California State Railroad Museum, Copley Square, Rittenhouse Square, etc.

With oodles of attractions, a trip to the USA needs to be properly planned keeping in mind your interests, time and budget. Take a long break to discover the best of the United States of America, as a visit to this ‘land of promise’, promises a memorable respite from your routine.

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