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Rottnest Island in Perth

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The Rottnest Island is nineteen kilometers off the shores of Perth in Western Australia. It is now a reserve land, which is open for tourist stay. The place was so named by William de Vlaming, a Dutch explorer. The coast of the island is often seen occupied by Quokkas, which were mistaken for large sized rats and hence the name ‘ Rottnest island’.

The crystal clear water bathing the smooth white sand of the beaches make for the perfect beach holiday destination. In the 19th century, the Rottenest island was used as a prison for punishing the aboriginal protesters but was abandoned in 1917. Hence forth it was recognized as a top class public reserve area.

There are more than 360 water species around Rottnest Island. The human history in the Rottenest island dates back to 30,000 years, when the island was very much a part of the Australian mainland. Due to topographical changes and the rise of water levels, this part of Australia became an island. Though the aboriginals lived here before the changes, it became abandoned after the formation of the island. This is because, the native people had no boats for over seas transportation.

Things To Do In Rottnest Island

Tourists to the Rottnest islands can look forward to a number of beach side activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling is among the most popular way to explore the marine life around Rottnest.

Where is Rottnest-island?

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Published On: Wednesday, October 19th, 2016