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Polar Bear Tour in Churchill

Polar Bear Tour Image

Polar Bear Tour in Churchill

Polar Bear tour is for those who want to see the Polar Bear and then Churchill Manitoba is the place which is also called the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”. The town is located on Hudson Bay, 650 miles from Winnipeg. When the bay freezes, the bears hunt seals on the ice. There are various tours when you are on Polar Bear Tour in Churchill such as The Polar Bear Adventure Tour, The Polar Bear Grand Tour , The Polar Bear Day Tripper, Birds, Bears and Belugas Tour and The Polar Bear Experience Tour.

In the Polar Bear Adventure tour which is celebrated as one among the many Polar Bear Tour in Churchill , a 6 Days/5 nights tour, you get to stay in Winnipeg. Then tourists are taken to Churchill. You can watch the Polar Bears from the security of the giant Tundra Buggy. There’s a cultural/historical tour of the town. Visit Cape Merry, Port of Churchill, Eskimo Museum and the Parks Canada Display.

The Polar Bear Day Tripper is good for those who are short on time among the Polar Bear Tour . The tour is organized when it’s the peak of Polar Bear migration. So be sure that you’ll get ample time to observe the polar bears.

Birds, Bears and Belugas is a 9 days/8 nights Polar Bear Tour . You get to engage yourself in a lot of adventure at the Seal River Heritage Lodge near Churchill, Manitoba. Here you get to see Beluga Whales in great numbers. You get to visit the Eskimo Museum and the Parks Canada Display. The trip has a lot of adventure in store for you as you get to sight huge pods of whales, bird life, seals, caribou and Ice Bears. You get to go on Marine Tours, Trekking/Walking Tours, Coast by Buggy, Ocean Paddles, Aurora Watching, Whale Swim, Bird Watching, Wildlife Photography Workshops, Photo Presentations and Lectures.

Polar Bear Grand Tour is all about the motorcycle riders who rides there motorcycles in winters season on each sunday and the number of motorcycle riders is about 400-550.

Map for Tundra Buggy adventure.

Published On: Thursday, October 20th, 2016