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Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin

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Checkpoint Charlie museum

Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie Museum has become one of the Berlin attractions to tourists. Checkpoint Charlie is the name given to the Friedrichstrasse checkpoint. Any personnel belonging to the Western Power had to cross this checking point to visit East Berlin.

This became the practice after 1961 for military people, diplomats and even for tourists. For about 30 years, the Berlin Wall was used as a divider between West Berlin and East Berlin. In the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, one will find records of escape attempts made during this period of time. Rainer Hildebrandt founded this museum.

On 22nd June of 1990, Checkpoint Charlie was taken up. In December 2000, the tower of Checkpoint Charlie was brought down by Checkpoint Charlie Service Company. The guard-houses are situated in the Allied Museum.

The museum reconstructed a part of the Berlin Wall, for about 140 meter of it in 2004. The victims at the East German border have been represented by placing 1,065 crosses in a nearby stretch of land. Checkpoint Charlie Museum thus owes historical significances in Germany.

There have been two other checkpoints. One was located at the border of East Germany and West Germany, known as Helmstedt. The other checkpoint used during this time was Dreilinden. This checkpoint was situated between East Germany and West Berlin.

Where is Checkpoint Charlie Museum?

Checkpoint Charlie Museum Hours

Open everyday of the year from 9:00 until 22:00 including festivals such as christmas and easter and other bank holidays.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum Tickets

Ticket Prices

Age Group Prices
Adults  €12.50
Group of 25 or more  €8.50
Students  €9.50
School pupils from 7-18 €6.50
Social Ticket €6.50
Disabled person with valid certificate €9.50 (registered assistant = free)
Audio Guide €5.00
Photo Permission €5.00

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Published On: Thursday, October 20th, 2016