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Tokyo Tower

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Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is one of the major attraction of Japan. The sight of Tokyo Tower at night is a splendid experience for the tourists. The tower is 333 meter tall. This tower of steel is considered to be the tallest tower in the world.

Tokyo Tower is a favorite Tokyo attraction. Tourists from other countries come to see this tower. The tower has been erected following the design of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower has been constructed at the center of the city. The Tokyo tower, Japan has a weight of about 4000 tons.

The tower in Tokyo becomes illuminated after dusk till 11 pm. The orange hue of the tower makes it more attractive at night. At night 176 flood lights brighten up the Tokyo Tower. Tourists in Tokyo should not leave the city without having a view of the Tokyo Tower at night.According to Civil Aeronautic Law, the tower has been painted in white and orange paints.

Tokyo Tower is also used to broadcast waves. The tower is capable of transmitting 10 digital and 14 analog waves. Most of the broadcasting stations in Tokyo is dependent on this tower.

Published On: Thursday, October 20th, 2016