Map of Tunis City

by Vishal Kumar

Facts about Tunis Country Tunisia Time Zone UTC+1 Language Tunisian Arabic( known as Derja),Shelha,(A Berber language) Major Religion Islam,Judaism,Christian(Chatolic) State Tunis Founded 4th century BC Area 212.63 km2 Population 2,256,320…

Map of Tunis City

Facts about Tunis

Country Tunisia
Time Zone UTC+1
Language Tunisian Arabic( known as Derja),Shelha,(A Berber language)
Major Religion Islam,Judaism,Christian(Chatolic)
State Tunis
Founded 4th century BC
Area 212.63 km2
Population 2,256,320
Lat Long Coordinates 36°48′N 10°11′E
Point of interest gates of the medina
Théâtre municipal de Tunis.
Belvedere Park
Lake Tunis
Bardo Museum (Le Musée National du Bardo)
Dar Ben Abdallah (Musée du Patrimoine Traditionnel)
Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul
Zitouna Mosque (Jemaa ez-Zitouna)
Bab Bahr (Porte de France)
Bab Saadoun. Another gate
Musée Paléochrétien (Early Christian Museum )


Tunis Travel

A modern city with a old word charm makesTunis travelan exciting affair. The city conjures up images of an Arab world that has a distinctly Mediterranean feel.Traveling in Tunisis therefore a memorable experience with the best of both world offered on a platter.

Located on the north eastern part of Tunisia, Tunis is the capital city and hence the hub of all major activities. From spectacular sightseeing spots to shopping and digging into authentic Tunisian food, traveling in Tunis is a bundle of multifarious activities.

With a well developed system of transportation, one can convenientlytravel in Tunis. The Tunis-Carthage Airport offers regular flights including international flights. Other facilities like money exchange are also provided. Perhaps the best way to travel in Tunis is to avail the bus service. Buses are not only cheaper but makes for a good way to get the feel of the city life. Taxis are another option to travel around Tunis, however, the fares need to be confirmed before boarding a taxi.

Another inexpensive way of traveling in Tunis is the train. The Tunis metro ride is apt for touring around the city. There are several metro stations all around the cities from where the tickets can be purchased. These are also quite cheap.

Tunis travelis fun unlimited also because of the spectacular shopping opportunity the city offers. Tiny shops adorn the narrow lanes with their bright wares. One can shop for jewelry, pottery, antiques, clothes, leather and brass articles and carpets. Restaurants abound in the city dishing out authentic Tunisian cuisines, hot and spicy to the core. Boarding is also not an issue in Tunis as there are ample hotels and other accommodations available.

Tunis travel guidesare easily available from tourist information centers and hotels that are sure to makeTunis travelabsolutely hassle free and an unforgettable experience.

ThroughTunis Tourismone can experience the ultimate pleasures of the beautiful city of Tunis. Tunis is the capital of Tunisian Republic. It is also considered as the economical, cultural, administrative and communication heart of the country. Tunis is located on a hilly region at the Mediterranean coast of the country. The beautiful location of the city and the various tourist spots located within and near the city has madeTunis Tourismvery popular.


Tunis Sights

There are some very nice and frequently visited tourist destinations scattered all over the city. Some of the most popular sights are:

  • Great Mosque is a beautiful mosque located in the heart of Medina.
  • Lake of Tunis is another popular tourist destination in the city. A large number of tourists visit the lake to get a view of the flocks of flamingos.
  • National Museum of the Bardo boosts of the unique collection of fascinating Roman mosaic.
  • Dar Ben Abdallah is another interesting museum in Tunis, which represents the life of the very rich Ottoman merchants.

“Souq” a fascinating market place located in Medina is one of the busiest locations in the city. Tourists as well as the natives gather around the overflowing shops buying all kind of cloths, jewelries, showpieces and all.


Tunis Accommodation

One of the major aspects ofTourism in Tunisis the accommodation options available within the city. Tunis offer a wide range of accommodation options among which hostels are very popular. There are some high quality hotels in the city.

There are quite a number of big as well as roadside restaurants located all over the city offering mouthwatering foods and variety of drinks to all their guests.


Tunis Weather

Tunis weatheris an important fact that need to be considered before planning a vacation in Tunis. Located on the northern part of Tunisia, Tunis has hot summers and mild winters.

Situated in the Mediterranean region, theclimate of Tuniscomes under the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea breezes coming from the Mediterranean Sea has a soothing effect on theweather of Tunis. It helps to lower the temperatures. Moreover, the Mediterranean influence on theTunis climatecauses the rainfall in the city.

The summer season in Tunis begins in the month of May and continues till the month of September. The temperatures soar to great heights during this part of the year. July and August are probably the hottest months in Tunis with average temperature as high as 26 °C.

The month of October announces the onset of winter in Tunis. Temperatures remain moderate and do not fall sharply. The winter also experiences downpours that occur frequently. The winter lasts till the month of April. January has 10 °C as the average temperature. February has an average temperature of 11 °C but sometimes is the coldest month, while March and April record an average temperature of 13 °C and 15 °C respectively.

Although Tunis comes under the Mediterranean Climatic belt,Tunis weatheris also affected by the Saharan climatic belt in the southern part.


Tunis Nightlife

Tunis Nightlifeis comparatively quiet and peaceful, which is why travelers often consider Tunis to be a city without nightlife.Tunis Nightlifefeatures a lot of drinking rather than loud music and wild dancing. Thenightlife of Tunisis enjoyed mostly by men. It is structured as to serve men then women. This is the only reason why women travelers do not feel comfortable to go out during the night.

Sousseis one of the most common and busiest nightlife locations in the city. Most part of the area consists of bars where one can find strippers and hookers too. These areas are very much avoided by female travelers. In other parts of the area several nightclubs are located where live music is performed.


Tunis Restaurants

Most of theTunis Restaurantsoffer variety of outstanding food in a very affordable price. Food is an integral part of the Tunis culture, which is not only enjoyed by the locals but the tourists from all over the world can take pleasure in exploring the huge variety ofTunis cuisine. There are also several multi cuisinerestaurants in Tunis. Almost all these restaurants serve full three course meals along with wine and other drinks.


Some of the most popular restaurants in Tunis are :

  • Dar el-Jeld Dar el-Jeld serves the best quality authentic Tunisian food in the whole country. it is located on one of the majestic mansion in Medina.
  • Le Rest’o Excellent Mediterranean food is served in the trendiest restaurant Le Rest;o, which overlooking the superb view of the bay.
  • Lucullus The restaurant is located on the harbor in Tunis. Lucullus is a fish and seafood restaurant serving wide range of mouthwatering dishes.
  • Cafe de Paris Brasserie The cafe is one of the most popular cafes in the city. They serve traditional Tunisian food and salads.
  • Carthage Carthage is a very popular restaurant located near Avenue Bourguiba in Tunis. It serves traditional Tunisian dishes.
  • La Marsa – Taj Dej Restaurant The classy decor of the restaurant perfectly matches the fresh delicious Tunisian dishes accompanied by exotic Tunisian white wine.

Tunis has got a wide rang of cuisine specialties that include budget food as well as exotic dishes, which is why it is popular among both natives and tourists.

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